5 sunny day activities in Dublin

Oh, the sun is shining bright! Here’s a list of sunny day activities in Dublin you can indulge in on a sunny day.

You woke up on a Saturday morning to witness a bright sunny day in Dublin. Call yourself lucky and jump straight out of bed to make the most of this rare sunny day. It’s your time to soak up as much Vitamin D while you explore the city vibes solo, go on a picnic with your partner, or enjoy a summer BBQ party with your friends.

Visit a park 

When was the last time you went for a picnic? 

If you had to think hard, today is the day to pack your sunblock, a mat, and a book along with paints or a board game of your choice. This is one of the best sunny day activities in Dublin that is also easy on the pocket.

Make some sandwiches at home or simply grab a drink and a chicken fillet roll from your nearest Centra and you are all set to visit your nearest park. Take it slow and destress amidst the green surroundings that are so pleasing to the eyes.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to share a meal in a park while watching some deer, then you should head to Phoenix Park. 

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Hike all the way 

Did you know taking a stroll in nature and climbing mountains pumps up your endorphins and boosts your happy hormones? Then this sunny day activity in Dublin is for you to get moving.

If you are in and around Dublin and thinking of making the most of this sunny day, hiking can be one of the options to consider. Go on a walk that offers stunning views, challenging terrain, and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, do not forget to treat yourself with a pint of beer or a “99” on your way back. 

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Head to the beach

Listen to the water baby within you & head to the beach. 

Guess what’s the best part? The sun is shining bright and today you can go for a swim without stressing much.

Whether you want to swim in the sea or stroll along the shore, it’s easy to find a great beach in Dublin. From sheltered little coves in Howth to the sweeping stretches of sand in Portmarnock, there’s a beach in Dublin to suit everyone and it can be one of the best sunny day activities to do in Dublin this summer.

The best part of the beach on a sunny day is that you can go for a swim without freezing. The sun has your back, this time quite literally. So go ahead, hop on a bus from the city centre, take a quick drive, or a train ride on the DART to make the most of this sunny day on a beach.

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Sunny brunch at cute cafe/rooftop bar

Nothing like catching up with friends over brunch and sipping summer cocktails in a rooftop bar to make the most of this sunny day.

Well, Dublin offers some glamorous vintage cafes with a widespread brunch menu and award-winning rooftop restaurants and bars that you must visit. Go on a date with your girlfriends and notch up your Insta-game with your girls. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? 

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Go kayaking

Connect with nature and witness the stress melting away as you kayak through the calm waters, feel the breeze, and enjoy the sunny skies. Best thing! Kayaking is practically accessible to anyone. Regardless of your age or experience level, you can have fun in the water. 

Kayaking provides that much-needed escape from the digital world and helps you move, burning some calories. Kayaking is both a form of exercise and a form of relaxation, and one of the best sunny day activities in Dublin that combines the two.

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Oh and lastly, don’t forget to carry a jacket and Sunscreen along. Keep sipping water & stay hydrated, while you enjoy sunny day activities in Dublin.


Prachi Vaskar
Prachi Vaskar

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