Coldplay’s Sustainable ‘Music Of The Spheres’ World Tour is coming to Dublin sooner than you imagined

Fans of Coldplay are eagerly anticipating the band’s performance in Dublin with four nights filled with a ‘Sky Full of Stars’ at Croke Park. Known for their captivating music and dynamic live performances, Coldplay’s current tour stands out not just for its artistic value but for its pioneering approach to introducing a sustainable music tour. 

Fresh off the release of their latest hit single ‘Feels Like I’m Falling in Love,’ Coldplay is set to captivate audiences with their iconic sound and pioneering sustainability efforts. Who is behind this sustainable music tour? What can you expect at the concert? When and where will this exciting event take place? Why are Coldplay focusing on eco-friendly initiatives, and how can you be part of it? Let’s dive into all the details.

Coldplay’s Commitment to Sustainability

In an era where the environmental impact of large events is under increasing scrutiny, Coldplay have stepped up to set a new standard. When the band announced their world tour, they also unveiled an ambitious plan to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

In the commitment outlined in their comprehensive sustainability strategy, Coldplay had committed to reducing emissions by 50% compared to their previous tour. So far, they have achieved a 59% reduction in CO2 emissions, thanks to a combination of renewable energy sources, sustainable travel options, and efficient stage design. This significant reduction underscores their dedication to environmental responsibility.

Seven million trees have been planted, one for each concert-goer, and they will all be nurtured to maturity through One Tree Planted. 48 planting projects and about 10,000 hectares of recovered land were completed in 24 countries.

Two solar-powered The Ocean Cleanup River Interceptors were put into service. The average percentage of LED wristband returns and reuses is 86%. In 2023, a tourable battery system consisting of recycled BMW i3 batteries powered 18 shows entirely. To enable fans to get to performances using ultra-low carbon transport, 23 partnerships with green travel providers have been formed.

Innovative Sustainable Practices

  1. Energy-Efficient Stage Design: Coldplay’s innovative stage design is a testament to their commitment to sustainability. The stage is powered by a combination of solar energy, kinetic floors, and power bikes. The kinetic floors, a particularly novel feature, harness the energy generated by fans’ movements during the concert. This is complemented by power bikes placed around the venue, allowing fans to contribute directly to the energy supply. Additionally, solar installations and the use of biofuels ensure that the energy consumption of the concerts remains as green as possible.
  2. Eco-Friendly Travel Options: Recognising that travel to and from concerts contributes significantly to the overall carbon footprint, Coldplay has developed a tour app that encourages fans to choose sustainable travel options. The app provides detailed information on carpooling, public transport, and other green travel methods. By promoting these options, the band aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with fan travel to their concerts.
  3. Sustainable Merchandise: Coldplay has also turned their attention to the environmental impact of tour merchandise. All merchandise for the tour is designed to be sustainable, incorporating organic materials and recycled fabrics. The band also encourages fans to recycle old merchandise and offers options for upcycling, further reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.
  4. Tree Planting and Carbon Offsetting: To address the emissions that cannot be eliminated through their other initiatives, Coldplay has partnered with various organisations to plant trees and fund carbon capture projects. These efforts are part of their broader goal to balance all tour-related emissions by investing in nature-based solutions. By supporting these initiatives, the band is helping to mitigate the impact of their activities on the environment.
  5. Transparency and Accountability: Coldplay has made a commitment to transparency by publishing detailed sustainability reports that track their progress and share their challenges and successes with the public. These reports include data on emissions, energy use, and the impact of their various initiatives. By being transparent about their efforts, the band hopes to inspire other artists and industries to adopt similar practices and contribute to the global push for sustainability.

The Dublin Concert Experience

Coldplay’s Dublin concert promises to be an extraordinary event, not just for its musical excellence but also for its environmental consciousness. The venue will be equipped with numerous recycling stations, and fans will be encouraged to minimise waste. The band is working with local suppliers to ensure that food and drink options are sourced sustainably, reducing the event’s environmental footprint.

How Fans Can Participate

Fans attending the Dublin concert have several opportunities to contribute to Coldplay’s sustainable music touring efforts:

  • Use the Tour App: Plan your journey using the green travel options suggested in the app. This might include carpooling with other fans, using public transport, or cycling to the venue if possible.
  • Participate in Energy Generation: Engage with the kinetic floors and power bikes to help generate energy for the concert. Not only does this make the event more sustainable, but it also adds an interactive element to the concert experience.
  • Recycle and Reduce Waste: Utilise the recycling stations provided at the venue and be mindful of waste. Bring reusable water bottles and avoid single-use plastics wherever possible.
  • Support Eco-Friendly Merchandise: Purchase merchandise that is made sustainably, and consider recycling or upcycling old items. By supporting these initiatives, fans can help reduce the environmental impact of the tour.
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Coldplay’s Broader Impact on the Music Industry

Coldplay’s commitment to sustainability is not just about reducing their environmental footprint; it’s about setting a new standard for the entire music industry. By demonstrating that large-scale tours can be conducted in an environmentally responsible manner, the band is inspiring other artists and event organisers to follow suit. This could lead to widespread changes in how live events are planned and executed, with a greater emphasis on sustainability.

Education and Awareness

One of the key elements of Coldplay’s sustainability efforts is education. By providing fans with information on how to reduce their environmental impact, the band is raising awareness about the importance of sustainability. This educational component is crucial, as it helps to foster a culture of environmental responsibility among their fanbase and beyond.

Sustainable Touring

Coldplay’s current tour is a significant step forward, but the band is not stopping there. They are continually looking for new ways to improve their sustainability efforts and reduce their environmental impact. This includes exploring new technologies and partnerships that can help make future tours even more eco-friendly.

Innovation and Research

The band’s sustainability team is actively involved in research and innovation, looking for cutting-edge solutions to environmental challenges. This includes everything from new energy sources to more efficient ways of managing waste. By staying at the forefront of sustainability innovation, Coldplay is ensuring that its future tours will continue to set new benchmarks for environmental responsibility.

Coldplay’s world tour is a groundbreaking event in many ways. It showcases the band’s musical talent and their unwavering commitment to sustainability. By focusing on renewable energy, eco-friendly travel, sustainable merchandise, and carbon offsetting, Coldplay is demonstrating that it is possible to combine entertainment with environmental responsibility.

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As fans in Dublin prepare for what promises to be an unforgettable concert, they can also take pride in knowing that their participation supports a broader effort to protect our planet. Coldplay’s dedication to sustainability is not just a passing trend; it is a core part of their identity and a call to action for the entire music industry. Through their innovative practices and transparent reporting, the band is leading by example and inspiring others to join them on the path to a more sustainable future.

Vrunda Upadhyay
Vrunda Upadhyay


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