{:en}Dublin Comic Con{:}

{:en}Last weekend people all over Ireland visited Dublin to attend this years Dublin Comic Con. There were many things to see and do there over the Saturday and Sunday.


The convention was held at the Convention Centre Dublin, close to the O2 Arena. Many were dressed as their favourite comic book or anime characters. The first floor of DCC contained a paraphernalia of television merchandise, comic books (of course), posters, manga, toys, teddies, lego, and much much more. There were props from popular television and films there too! There were Batman suits, Predator suits, the Tardis, and the door to Vault 101 from the hit video game Fallout 3.


On the second floor, artists and up-and-coming authors got their chances to sell their pictures and books. There was people who had just started their own comic book franchise who were selling their comic books on the first and second floor. There were celebrity guests as well. There were voice actors, make-up artists, but the biggest celebrity there was Michael Rooker, actor of the Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Towards the end of the day, the atmosphere died down a little but that allowed for people with big and complex costumes to take to the floor. There was a man who had made his Batman suit, that was quite intimidating when standing next to him. A Chewbacca was a favourite with small children and adults a like. Two friends dressed up as Deadpool and Captain America got asked for countless pictures like the rest.


All in all, it was a great day for anyone interested in comic books, television, and films. Even if you weren’t interested in those things, it was still great to enjoy the atmosphere of everyone having fun.{:}

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