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Imagine a concert where violins play alongside electronic sounds or a piece where a traditional Irish instrument blends with a modern string quartet. That’s the magic of this Irish music festivals. Bringing you the information about New Music Dublin.

Have you ever wondered how electronic music is made? Or maybe you’re curious about the history of experimental music? Dive deeper into the world of Irish music festivals. The festival shows documentaries about famous composers or films with incredible sound design. 

There will Be No Silence

The premiering day events start with poet Adam Wyeth’s work and Emmy-nominated composer David Downes’s, ‘There will be no Silence’, which will be played by instrumentalists Adrain Mantu, Rolf Hind, Aisling O’Sullivan and Owen Roe. 

The Harmonic Labyrinth

The second event of the day is the original work of Tommy Potts and St. Columbe played by the instrumentalists Aoife Ní Bhriain and Liam Byrne. Aoife belongs to a family of musicians and regarded as Ireland’s foremost fiddle players and Liam, widely acclaimed as one of the leading viola players of his generation.

The Monochrome Project

The third event is the Monochrome Project, an all-star Trumpet Ensemble with artists like Rolf Wallin, Milica Djordjevic, Cat Lamb, Jing Wang and Raven Chacon. These new pieces which include the world premieres of N.N. by Milica Djordjevic and Call for the Company in the Morning by Raven Chacon, the first American indigenous composer  to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music, are most likely to fascinate you.

RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Event four is the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, conducted by the orchestra’s associate principal conductor, Gavin Maloney. The programme starts with Hugh Tinney’s solo performance on the piano for Raymond Deanne’s work, Anaphora, with the solo performance of the flute artist, Silvija Ščerbavičiūtė for the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho in the form of her work Aile du songe. Alongside this, runs a orchestral commission of songwriter Diedre Gibbin, whose works were also featured in 2023 Dublin Film Festival.

ADVERT – Laura Bowler

Following these events, is ADVERT by Laura Bowler. Laura is described as ‘a triple threat music composer and performer’ and is a vocal soloist as she has performed and premiered works internationally, including the premiere of Louis Aguirre’s, ‘The Way The Dead Love’ as a part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 programme. Alongside the voice of Laura, the musicians of the Decoder Ensemble are going to perform,including, Leopold Hurt, Inigo Miranda, Sonja Lena Schmid, Carola Schaal, Alexander Schubert, Jonathan Shapiro, Julia Rehme, with works of Sam Redway who will also be co-directing the event. 

Stone Drawn Circles Ensemble

The last event of the premiere day and a late-night event is performed by the Stone Drawn Circles Ensemble, which include, Lina Andonovska, Nathan Sherman, Michelle O’Rourke, Alex Petcu, Caimin Gilmore, Úna Monaghan. The Ensemble will perform on  the works of, Úna Monaghan’s In Formation, Karen Power’s Can you hear me now? Cat Hope’s Landay Sequenzas, Nicole Lizée’s Peril Earrings, and Brian Irvine’s new works.

Gerald Barry in Focus

The second day of the festival starts with Gerald Barry’s compositions and instrumentalists Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, infamous for being the members of the Fidelio Trio, will perform works from their recent album. 

You Heard it First – Crash Ensemble

Followed by the lunchtime performance of the Fidelio Trio, is Crash Ensemble’s ‘You Heard it First’ comprising of the musicians, Susan Doyle, Leonie Bluett, Roddy O’Keeffe, Brian Bolger, Caitriona Frost, Andrew Zolinsky, Larissa O’Grady, Joanna Mattrey, Kate Ellis and Caimin Gilmore playing five music sketches from Crash creators, Aleksandr Nisse, Aoife King, Cathal O’Riordan, Lara Weaver and Tim Doyle. 

The Archetypes Project – National Symphony Orchestra

The evening events include a performance by the National Symphony Orchestra with David Brophy as the conductor, Iarla Ó Lionáird as the vocal artist and Stephen Waarts on the violin, with close succession of Nathan Sherman and Alex Petcu’s ‘The Archetypes: Diatribe Stage’ act and Garett Sholdice on the keyboard. 

AWAY – La Berge / La Berge Dramm

The last show for the day is another Diatribe Stage act, featuring the works of La Berge Dramm with Anne La Berge and Diamanda La Berge Dramm on the mic and violin.


The third day commences with performances of 36 trumpeters of Royal Irish Academy of Music as they each play Gerald Barry’s 1-minute fanfare trumpeter one-by-one. 

The Dancers Inherit the Party – The Chamber Choir

Followed by this, is an act by The Chamber Choir Ireland with Paul Hillier as the artistic director, with the works of David Fennessy, Thomas Tallis, Eoghan Desmond, Cassandra Miller and Gabriel Jackson. 

Around Here, The Bird Plants the Trees

The third evening event includes Natalia Beylis’s ‘Around Here, The Bird Plants the Trees’ act that includes live sound collages and objects, and the music team involves Willie Stewart, Eimear Reidy, Tola Custy and Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh. 

Ambient / Symphony – A Winged Victory for the Sullen

The fourth event is divided into two halves with the first half displaying works of Jóhann Jóhannsson with the National Symphony Orchestra playing under the baton of Daníel Bjarnason. The second half is the production of the original works of ‘A Winged Victory for the Sullen’, an American ambient music duo composed of Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie.

Changing States – Crash Ensemble

The late night show is Crash Ensemble’s ‘Changing States’ alongside the works of Bekah Simms and Antti Auvinen. Changing states in music, society and politics provide the inspiration for this programme from festival favorites Crash Ensemble—featuring the world premiere of Cryptid by Bekah Simms, written during her time as Composer in Residence with Crash, and the Irish premiere of Finnish composer Antti Auvinen’s Boundary Bourrée.

Earthrise – Musici Ireland

The last day of the festival begins with Musici Ireland’s ‘Earthrise’ with members (Beth McNinch, Ioana Petcu-Colan, Mia Cooper, Jane Hackett, Siobhan Doyle, Ed Creedon, Katie Tertell, Niamh Molloy, Roger McCann, Dianne Marshall, Meadhbh O’Rourke, Conor Sheil, Peter Ryan) playing the works of Deirdre Gribbin, Amanda Feery, Linda Buckley and Liam Bates. 

Everyday Wonders

The second event of the day is Cecilia McDowall’s ‘Everyday Wonders’, a youth music-making. The other artists’ works are also presented in this event, like, Gracie Gilmartin, Ollie Lambert, Nick Page and Ferdia Ó Cairbre with Ciarán Kelly as the conductor, solo violinist Bogdan Sofei, Des Lacey on the percussion and Carole O’Connor as a piano accompanist. 

Evlana Sinfonietta Ensemble

Event three is Evlana Sinfonietta, a string orchestral Ensemble, with Swedish composer Karin Rehnqvist and Rhona Clarke, with chordophone artists, Claude Vivier, Ryan Molloy and Inti figgis-vizueta

Terrarium – Crash Ensemble

The fourth event is Crash Ensemble’s ‘Terrarium’, composed by Ann Cleare. Venture into a landscape of time at this awe-inspiring world premiere, as you journey with Crash Ensemble through historic Irish countryside to a vanished Mesolithic lake.

Diatribe Stage: Il Ritorno Del Angelo

The closing show is divided into two halves. The first half is a Diatribe Stage performance by Il Ritorno Del Angelo musicians, Nick Roth, Olesya Zdorovetska, Izumi Kimura and Barry Guy alongside their original works. And the second half is an electronic concert by Mariam Rezaei.

New Music Dublin isn’t just about sitting back and listening. The festival offers many ways to get involved: Want to know more about what you’re about to hear? Talk with composers, performers, and music experts which will provide you with background information and help you appreciate the music even more. 

When: 25th April – 28th April

Where: National Concert Hall, Richmond Barracks   

Cost: €15 – €20

Tarla Vaidya
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