Visas for tourists visiting Ireland

Tourists from certain countries require visas if they wish to enter Ireland. Find out more.

Visas for people visiting Ireland on business

Certain people who wish to travel to Ireland for business purposes require visas. Find out more.

Student visas to study in Ireland

People from certain countries who wish to study in Ireland require visas. Find out more.

Customs regulations for travellers to Ireland

Find out about the important rules in place regarding customs regulations for people travelling to Ireland.

Customs and Excise officers – powers to search travellers’ baggage

This document discusses the powers of Customs and Excise officers to carry out searches of travellers to prevent the importation of prohibited goods or goods that have not been declared to Customs.

Tax-free purchases for non-EU travellers

The Retail Export Scheme, allows visitors to Ireland (from outside the European Union) to buy goods in Ireland to take home with them and benefit from tax relief.

Bringing pets to Ireland

The importation of pets into Ireland is quite strictly controlled. Information on the procedures for bringing your pet to Ireland.