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The European party phenomenon is back in Dublin. Goulash Disko unites all Slavic and Balkan cultures in a musical mashup. Drawing on the famous Slavic hospitality, it has become not only a musical event but also an unforgettable artistic performance, bringing in the best Djs and bands from Europe and Latin America, of genres including Balkan, Gypsy, Folk, Ethno, Latin, Spanish and Electroswing music.

On top of that, the Organisers always aim for the best atmosphere and make it a point that the good vibe is essential – right next to a bowl full of warm Goulash and a glass of Slivovica.

Since its launch in Dublin in 2011, Goulash Disko has grown to become a regular in the European events calendar – just this month it will take place in Lisbon, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sofia, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Berlin and Salzburg. Goulash Disko concludes a Festival on a Croatian Island, which every year is the place to be for endless dancing, hopping and enjoying music that moves even the most stubborn non-dancers.

This year Goulash Disko’s Stage will welcome DJ Gadjo Cz from The Czech Republic who specialises in mixing Gypsy and Electronic sounds. He beautifully enhances acoustic music with a good beat, and his parties are known all across the Czech Republic, while the name brings to mind a fiesta at a Gypsy wedding! He doesn’t spare Balkan orchestral pieces and Gypsy jazz. This is where you put on your dance shoes!

Headlining is a Polish vocalist with Spanish roots, Magda Navarette, and her Polish-Czech group “Caravana Banda”, bringing the finest Fusion of Spanish, Balkan and Gypsy Jazz tunes. Expect a show with both a musical theatre-like flourish and authentic street energy. For the past two years Caravana Banda has been captivating audiences in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland, and now also Brazil, where this year they’ll be touring and finishing an album, working with a 5 time Grammy Latino Award winner Ale Siqueira.

Their performance will be full of explosive energy and finest musicianship, seasoned with the soulful flamenco.

Goulash Disko will also present DJ Mackie Messer from the Czech Republic, specialising in Electro swing, and a Chilean – DJ Carlos Montana, who made it his mission to introduce Psychedelic Cumbia onto European dance floors – and it is a very ear pleasing style of music.

“Koniczyna” a Polish Folk Dance group will carry everyone away in the Oberek dance, providing a strong Polish accent.

Guest performers “BIianco Sporco” – a multinational group from Galway – will share beautiful acoustic melodies to Italian and Spanish lyrics, drawing on the Spanish rumba, Italian tango and Romani music. The group was created when Italian singer and accordionist Luca Verga began working with Irish and Spanish musicians. Their music is also well seasoned with Sephardic, Irish and Balkan influences.
If you can’t attend, you can listen live on www.babylonradio.com

Seamus Holland
Seamus Holland


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