‘I Can Get You Out of This’, the new single by Honas that will make you feel like you’re in a lullaby

The first weekend of the new lockdown has just started and new music is coming to fill your soul. On this Friday, we bring you a new single by an Irish emerging artist. This time, the talented Honas is delighting us with ‘I Can Get You Out of This’, an amazing composition that will make you feel like you are up in the clouds.

This Dublin based songwriter is making an impressive debut. Not long ago, he released ‘Control’. Five months later, it has got almost two millions streams on Spotify! The song was added to the popular playlist Chillout Lounge and since then, good things are happening for him. 

But, who is Honas? 

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Honas has already written and produced with several artists, as well as being a key part of Irish indie-outfit Orchid Collective playing bass and songwriting. The band was the outlet for his music for many years, though he was still writing on his own. 

He ended up with a group of songs he was happy with, and came across producer Adam Redmond. In 2019, he turned his attention to creating his own debut album. His first three singles have amassed over 1.7 million streams on Spotify, landed on several Spotify editorial playlists, and gained acclaim from several major blogs and publications. 

In I Can Get You Out of This, the Irish singer-songwriter combines honest and raw songwriting with an ambient sonic palette. As a curiosity, the song was recorded by Adam Redmond in Flaked Studios, where Adam helped sonically bring the song to life. The pair were inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Dermot Kennedy, and Ben Howard. 

Ready to press play?

‘I Can Get You Out of This’, the new single: listening to it


There are songs that are made for listening to them with your earphones. This is one of them. So grab your blanket, lay on the sofa and close your eyes. I promise a magical time is coming. 

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From the first second of the 3:21 minutes, something inside you gets activated. Those guitar chords bewitch you little by little. And, somehow, you just get immersed in the atmosphere straight away. 

In Honas words, “the song is about having a friend or loved one thats having a hard time mentally. It’s about standing on the outside, wishing you could help but not quite sure how. It’s about feeling helpless”. 

For this reason, the song envelops you in a parallel universe and you think you are actually dreaming. And what is the top dream of a person with mental illness? To feel supported and understood. Thus, there could be no better way to do it; you can feel how the singer is trying to help in the best way possible.

Just take another breath

I can get you out of this

I can get you out of this

What a powerful beginning. Those lyrics are all someone with a mental illness wants to hear. Breathing is the main mindfulness technique. If you are feeling anxious or full of anger, for example, you are supposed to always come back to your breathing for stopping the bad thoughts and to regulate your fast heart beating. What makes it greater, is the fact that this ‘breathing’ is symbolised in the composition by the guitar chords: the hypnotic acoustic riff carries the whole way through the song. “I wanted to create an atmosphere that conveyed the song’s meaning”, Honan says.

After that, he emits the perfect phrase: “I can get you out of this”. In case it was not enough, he repeats the second line, just so you know he is there for you. 

Open up your chest

Lean with the turbulence

I can get you out of this

Talking about your feelings is usually the main issue for the mentally ill. This way, Honas invites you to heal yourself, he will be there holding your hand, supporting you and crying with you if it is necessary. Once again, ‘I can get you out of this’

You worry that you can’t

Weigh me down with it

I can take it

I can share your strain

You can see the truth through his words, his voice becomes more powerful. It literally seems like he is shaking your shoulders staring at your eyes with a compassionate but confident gesture.

I’ve energy reserved

For your actions and words

I can take it

I can take your pain

And, suddenly…a hurricane of emotions emerges in you. Your heart gets strained. With reverby guitars, ambient synths and energetic drums, Honas creates a cinematic soundscape complete with a compelling vocal performance. What a rollercoaster…

“Come to me” you said,

“Empty out your heavy head”

And you chased the demons out

In his words, “I’ve always been drawn to ambient sounds, swells and evolving tones, to create something really immersive. Also, we wanted an energetic, aggressive, chaotic drum sound, the result being a mix of programmed sounds and real drums.”

It’s you now needs picking up

So do what you know you should

And let your defences down

Help me to help you now

And so it worked. Once he opens his heart, the other person will open theirs as well. Take out everything you have inside, now is the time. Relieve yourself. Shout. So intense. 

Going with the flow, he gets backs to the chorus. Afterwards, his voice caresses you with an indie/folk/pop acoustic sound, making you feel like you are in a lullaby.

Time’s for biding

’Til you know

That’s why we get so long

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How would you describe this song? What did it make you feel? Honestly, I am in love with this tune, it made me feel understood in so many ways. Infinite thanks, Honas. Have a lovely weekend you all!

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