Metalhead Series: 4 Gothic Metal Bands from Ireland

Gothic Metal is a fusion genre combining Heavy Metal with the dark atmospheres of Gothic Rock. The genre itself is quite diverse, with different bands using the gothic approach to different styles of Heavy Metal music. In Ireland there are some bands that have taken this approach as well. Here are four Gothic Metal Bands from Ireland that I have found by delving into the darkness and deep introspection that is Gothic Metal. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Unkindness of Ravens

The Gothic Rock/Metal band Unkindness of Ravens formed 2015 in Tipperary, Ireland. They take the inspiration from their songs from the elements, with many references to nature and its dark side. Using a large multitude of instruments, including “found sound” and field recordings and incorporating many different genres and styles, Unkindness of Ravens creates an unique style that has attracted attention from people around the world, not just from Ireland.

Recommended Album:

The Perfect Dark (2017)

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Two brothers from Galway formed this 2 piece melodic Gothic/Death Metal band in 2008. They created The Blessing Way with the purpose of creating dark yet melodic metal influenced by the early albums of bands such as Dark Tranquility, Dissection and Cradle of Filth. The band have released one demo and a full-length album to date. But being a two-piece has restricted them to the studio and after several attempts at forming a full band they have decided to stick to recording music instead.

Recommended Album:

From Empty Plates We Dine (2018)

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Creation’s Tears is a Heavy/Gothic Metal band that initially formed 2002 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland by Brian Reynolds. The band’s name was the title of a song by the band Apathy, the former band of bassist Ian Coulter. The initial line-up played only a handful of gigs and failed to produce any recorded material at that time. In 2009, around a dozen songs had been completed by Reynolds for the recording of an album but he had problems finding a drummer for the band until he found former Paradise Lost drummer Lee Morris. Creation’s Tears has been on hold since 2011 as Reynolds suffered a Brainstem Stroke which caused permanent damage to his central nervous system.

Recommended Album:

Methods To End It All (2010)

Honey for Christ

Formed in 1998, Honey for Christ are a Heavy Metal band based in Northern Ireland that formed because of the members’ obsession with metal music and all that it stands for. They refuse to hold back on musical influences and only play what they want to hear; dark and emotional metal. Because of that they are often seen as a Gothic Metal band as well. After their first album release in 2011, drummer Chris Armstrong was replaced by Willy Taylor, at least temporarily. But sadly, he passed away in June 2013 and the band were left in limbo. They have been on hiatus ever since.

Recommended Album:

The Cruelty of Great Expectations (2011)

Symphonic Metal and Gothic Metal have been closely intertwined ever since famous bands like Nightwish or Within Temptation took to the international stages. Because of that, here are two honorable mentions from Symphonic Metal Bands from Ireland: Selene and Otheria

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