Metalhead Series: 9 Metalcore bands from Ireland

We already had a look at the metalcore bands hailing from Dublin, but what about the rest of Ireland? The metal scene in Ireland is surprisingly diverse for such a small island, and especially surprising for a subgenre like metalcore. From the more melodic mixtures of alternative metal and metalcore, to heavy deathcore, there is definitely something here for everyone. So let’s get this show on the road then and get acquainted with these nine metalcore bands from Ireland.

Making MonstersMaking Monsters Album

Making Monsters is a female-fronted four-piece metalcore/alternative metal band from Derry that was founded in 2011. They have already received coverage on radio stations like BBC Radio One and Across The Line to name a few. They also went on an extensive UK tour with Max Raptor, Fort Hope and Dublin’s Only Rivals. Despite the band’s penchant for discordant, atonal sounds, they still manage to sound melodic and sultry at the same time.  This is made possible by lead singer Emma Gallagher’s impressive and imposing vocal prowess.

Recommended Album

Bad Blood (EP, 2016)

Peasant to a KingPeasant to a King Album, Metalcore

The band Peasant to a King was formed in 2016 in Athlone. It’s safe to say that the band had quite a different musical direction compared to today, which can be heard in their debut single Requiem, 2017. After the release of their debut single, they played a few opening gigs in Dublin for bands like A Letter to Jane and A Night in the Snow. In 2018 they released their debut EP Senatus, recorded in the same studio as Requiem. The band now plays a mixture of metalcore infused deathcore, instead of the cleaner metalcore of their earlier days.

Recommended Album

Senatus (EP, 2018)

Follow My LeadFollow My Lead Album, Metalcore Bands from Ireland

The band Follow My Lead was formed in 2013 in Donegal and self-released their first EP the same year. After some disagreements with their former record label Fearless Records, they managed to release their debut album Spit, Kick, Revolt in 2016 after signing a contract with inVogue Records. Their music is a typical version of post-hardcore, featuring some elements of metalcore. The group is influenced by bands like While She Sleeps, Of Mice & Men and Bring Me the Horizon.

Recommended Album

Spit, Kick, Revolt (2016)

BailerBailer Album, Metalcore Bands from Ireland

Bailer is a Cork-based hardcore/metalcore/alternative metal band, formed in 2014. They managed to build up a strong reputation on their home ground in a very short time. The band has played shows alongside Sick Of It All, The Black Dahlia Murder, Conjurer, Employed To Serve, Malevolence and more. They also managed to secure gigs further outside their home territory. In 2018, the band toured Russia and the UK to support the release of their latest EP and will continue to tour heavily abroad this year to prepare for their eagerly awaited debut album.

Recommended Album

Bailer (EP, 2018)

Heel Of AchillesHeel Of Achilles Album

The band Heel Of Achilles started out in early 2014 in Belfast with a common fondness for metal genres such as metalcore and deathcore. Since then the band has constantly refined their style and taste into the wider spectrum of metal, groove, hardcore and progressive styles. They released their debut EP Event Horizon in August 2015. After the release of their first music video Scarecrows they started gigging across Ireland to further develop their writing and performance style. They are currently working on their debut album, which should be released either this or next year.

Recommended Album

Event Horizon (EP, 2015)

Embers Of EarthEmbers Of Earth Album, Metalcore Bands from Ireland

Embers Of Earth is the metalcore solo project of Luke Carlisle, based in Bangor, County Down. His debut EP Release The River was released in 2014 with Gacy’s Threads lead singer, Aaron Vance, providing the vocals. The songwriting, production and sounds are very skillfully done and even though a lot of it is programmed, it does not interfere with the overall experience. Currently, Embers Of Earth has released three EPs and hopefully a full-length album will follow in the near future.

Recommended Album

The Resistance (EP, 2015)

Words That BurnWords That Burn Album, Metalcore Bands from Ireland

Words That Burn was founded in 2010 in Dundalk, born out of the members’ mutual desire to create something different to the “scene” bands that flood the metal scene. The band takes inspiration from bands like Deftones, Bring Me the Horizon, Slipknot, Architects and The Defiled. From 2010 to 2013 they toured across Ireland and the UK and became known for their captivating live shows. The band’s first album Regret is for the Dead earned very positive reviews from online rock and metal magazines. They also toured across mainland Europe later on, stopping in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Recommended Album:

Regret is for the Dead (2016)

Here We StandHere We Stand Album

Here We Stand is a metalcore band from Cork with more than enough individuality to stand out from the crowd. They started their career by playing shows in Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary and Dublin and became known for their fast paced, energetic live shows. After releasing their debut EP in 2013 they played with some of Ireland’s top metal acts, including a short tour with Murdock and a slots with the likes of Hero In Error and Dead Label. They are no strangers to the Irish Metal scene.

Recommended Album:

Here We Stand (EP, 2013)

Dream AwakeDream Awake Album, Metalcore Bands from Ireland

The Metalcore band Dream Awake formed in 2014 in Belfast. They wanted to create music that brought together the heavy qualities of the genre, but also offered the listener something fresh and different. To achieve that the band combines the heavy style of post-hardcore music, melodic vocals and guitar combined with a mystical element to make their sound unique. Because of that, they quickly made a name for themselves in the UK metalcore scene. Currently, the band has released two EPs and a small number of stand-alone singles.

Recommended Album: 

Don’t Hold Your Breath (EP, 2017)


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