Metalhead Series: 6 Power Metal Bands from Ireland

Last time we were talking about Celtic Metal, one of the special metal subgenres that had their origin in Ireland. This time, we will take a look at one of my favorite subgenres of metal called Power Metal. It combines aspects of typical Heavy Metal with Speed Metal. It is fast-paced, a bit lighter than regular Heavy Metal and, in my personal opinion, really uplifting and motivating. Because of that, I found 6 Power Metal bands from all over Ireland for you.

BakkenBakken Album Cover

Bakken formed in 2011 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band combines the visceral edge, gruff vocals and choppy riffing of early Thrash Metal with the melodic sensibilities and complex song structures of classic Power Metal/NWBOHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal). Bakken has created a unique energetic sound that does not compromise on heaviness or melody. They have gained a widespread reputation amongst the local scene as a tight and interesting live act and have worked their way from playing in local bars and clubs in the North West of Northern Ireland to larger venues all around the island.

Recommended Album:

Death of a Hero (2012)

Celtic Legacyhqdefault e1573490367713

Celtic Legacy is a Irish Celtic, Heavy and Power Metal Band formed in 1997 in Dublin. The band is often styled as a cross between Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. Their lineup has changed on numerous occasions but the original founding members continue to write and record material for the band. To date, they have released a number of self-financed albums. Their second album Resurrection received incredible reviews upon its release and was widely regarded as one of the best Irish albums ever released. They released it independently and without the help of a record label. Because of that, the album’s success never got past the underground status it achieved.

Recommended Album:

Resurrection (2003)

Conjuring FateConjuring Fate Album Cover

Conjuring Fate is a Heavy/Power Metal band that formed in 2005 in Belfast. Their style of Heavy Metal is similar to bands such as Iron Maiden, Elixir and Helloween. The band has supported many international artists including Blitzkrieg, Diamond Head, Grim Reaper and Dragonforce. They often shoot their music videos in interesting places, like the Titanic Drawing Offices or an old Cold War bunker. This month also marks the release of their hugely anticipated new album, Curse of the Fallen.

Recommended Album:

Valley of Shadows (2017)

FirelandFireland Album Cover

Fireland is a Heavy/Power Metal band that formed in 20013 in Belfast. They are a twin lead guitar Heavy Metal band, drawing on all the influences of over forty years of Heavy Metal. The band will not let their location on the outskirts of Europe stand in the way of bringing their own brand of riff-based, powerful and melodic metal to the rest of the world. They have played with metal legends like Dragonforce, Blitzkrieg, Blaze and Rose Tattoo and have performed at festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock.

Recommended Album:

Fireland (2008)

RavenlightRavenlight Album Cover

Ravenlight is a Symphonic Power Metal band formed in 2018 by Rebecca Feeney and John Connor in Northern Ireland. They set out with the goal of creating some hard hitting power metal with a symphonic edge through mixing big sing-along choruses with heavy riffing and sweeping orchestra. In 2018 they released their first EP “End of the World”, which opened up new opportunities for the band, such as a number of shows across Ireland.

Recommended Album:

End of the World (EP, 2018)


a0118557941 16

The band Scavenger formed in late 2001 and immediately set about writing their debut self-titled demo album. They were immediately labeled as a Power Metal band, but there were a lot more influences showing through on their album, such as Thrash and NWOBHM. Their second album, “Madness to Our Method” marked a notable change in direction for the band. They reigned in the breakneck riffing in it, which was so prevalent on the debut album. It also incorporated even more influences than the previous one, such as Progressive and Doom Metal. However, the members of Scavenger soon felt the musical direction of the band was changing and decided to put the band on hold in 2006. It has been so ever since.

Recommended Album:

Madness to Our Method (2004)

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