Metalhead Series: 6 Thrash Metal bands from Ireland

This time, we’re taking a step back into the more ‘classic’ heavy metal genres, listening to some incredible thrash metal bands from Ireland!

Thrash metal is probably one of the more well-known subgenres of heavy metal, with its overall aggression and fast tempo resembling the general stereotype of ‘metal’ that many people have. But if you have a closer listen, you will notice the finer details of thrash metal, like the low-register guitar riffs hidden behind the drums or the criticism of different establishments hidden in the lyrics. To bring you closer to this interesting metal genre, we found six thrash metal bands from Ireland for you to have a listen to.

Gama BombGama Bomb Album Cover

Gama Bomb hail from Newry and Dublin, where the members had bonded over a love of video games, horror movies, comic books and classic 80s thrash in 2002. Since then, the band has powered through six studio albums full of crossover thrash metal steeped in both nerd culture and social commentary. They are known for their own special kind of humour that can be found in their lyrics with recurring themes such as cannibalism, war, zombies, ghosts and murder.

Recommended Album:

Speed Between The Lines (2018)


Scimitar are a four-piece thrash metal band from Belfast. They started out as a two-piece, but soon recruited a bassist and vocalist to help take things to the next level in writing music. The band played their first gig in 2012 and has since then supported big names like Exhumed, Putrefy, Rats Blood, War Iron and more both in Belfast and overseas. Since releasing their first EP The Act of War in 2013, the band has released two more EPs plus a full-length album called Where Darkness Dwells.

Recommended Album:

Where Darkness Dwells (2017)

XeroXero Album Cover

Xero are a 5-piece metal band from Limerick that formed in 2015. The band play their own original kind of heavy metal, mixing different genres like groove, classic rock, grunge, thrash metal, doom metal and progressive rock to compile a musical collection with great variety. They released their debut full-length album Beyond The Glass in 2016 and have since then played in quite a number of live shows and have collaborated with names such as Jeff Waters, Shawn Bowen and Al Atkins. 

Recommended Album:

Beyond The Glass (2016)

Acid AgeAcid Age Album Cover

Acid Age are a four-piece thrash metal band from Northern Ireland. The band’s play style takes their influences from various thrash, punk and New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) bands. They call their style ‘hyper thrash’ to reflect their hyperactive stage antics and incredibly fast music style. Since the band’s founding in 2013, they have released three full-length albums, with guest appearances from members of other well-known metal bands like Gama Bomb and Whiplash.

Recommended Album:

Drone Shark Ethics (2014)

SinocenceSinocence Album Cover

The Belfast-based thrash metal band Sinocence has been thriving in the Irish metal scene for over 17 years and have firmly established themselves as a well-known thrash metal name in Ireland. They have shared the stage with heavyweights such as Machine Head, Lacuna Coil, In Flames and Paradise Lost, both in the UK and overseas. As a self-financed act, they have managed to lead a productive musical life, with two full-length albums and a series of three EPs called No Gods, No Masters full of intense rhythms and emotional vocals.

Recommended Album:

No Gods, No Masters Vol. III (EP, 2018)

Twisted Wrath

Formerly known as Reborn, Twisted Wrath are a three-piece Metal band based in Galway. They originally formed in 2007 and established themselves quickly as an active and energetic young band, releasing one demo and two EPs under their old name. The release of their 2013 EP Madman’s Chorus garnered praise both in Ireland and overseas, which gained the band support slots with big names such as thrash titans Exodus and a sold-out concert with Anthrax, one of the big four of thrash metal.

Recommended Album:

Madman’s Chorus (EP, 2013)

Some honourable mentions: Power Metal bands Bakken and Scavenger, as well as Groove Metal bands Humanity Check and Oracle can be seen as Thrash Metal bands as well.

Have you seen any of these talented Thrash Metal bands from Ireland live? Or do you have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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