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I'm a French student doing a Master's degree in International Politics at the University of Toulon, France.


Irish immigration in the United States: history and personal experiences

By Laurine Tiran / April 9, 2021

Everybody knows about Irish immigration in the United States and the large Irish-American community created through the centuries. It is a long history and today, two Irish expatriates in America share their stories.    The whole world knows that there is an important Irish community in the United States. Every immigrant has a story and […]


The Soundtrack of your Life, Part 2: a song for a feeling

By Laurine Tiran / April 8, 2021

To continue building “The Soundtrack of your Life”, I asked people which song they linked to various feelings, because we all know music has the magical power to express your own feelings better than you can do yourself.    Read here The Soundtrack of your Life, Part 1: a song to survive a pandemic   […]


The Soundtrack of your Life, Part 1: a song to survive a pandemic

By Laurine Tiran / April 4, 2021

To build the Soundtrack of your Life, I asked people which song helped them through this pandemic, because we all know music helps ease the mind during hard times.    A lot of people talk about the soundtrack of their life, and methods exist online to build your own soundtrack, helping people think about how […]


In the Heights: the musical about community soon to be a movie

By Laurine Tiran / April 3, 2021

If you like musical theatre, you have probably heard about In the Heights, a show by Lin-Manuel Miranda which opened on Broadway in 2008. In June, a movie adapted from this musical will hit the cinemas.    Covid-19 affected the cinematic release of Lin Manuel Miranda’s projects. . His show In the Heights was supposed […]


Women in Irish history: 5 names to remember and 3 websites to know more

By Laurine Tiran / March 28, 2021

Women have been largely excluded from general history for a long time, and Irish history isn’t an exception. Most major historical figures are men and children aren’t taught a lot about the women who left their mark. This article will tell you about five important women in Irish history and introduce three websites where you […]


Knowing Ireland: do foreigners know the country well? 

By Laurine Tiran / March 24, 2021

Have you ever wondered how good knowledge about Ireland is around the world? I decided to ask a few people from different countries what they know about Ireland, to see how stereotyped their image of the country is.     Stereotypes and clichés are everywhere when it comes to what we think about a country. All […]


Northern Ireland: Brexit and the possibility of Irish reunification

By Laurine Tiran / March 19, 2021

Northern Ireland has been at the centre of Brexit negotiations, with the possibility of Irish reunification always in the background. Five years after the vote and a few months after the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, let’s take a look at the situation.  Until the very end of last year, a no-deal Brexit […]


Irish songs in French: Renaud and his Molly Malone album

By Laurine Tiran / March 17, 2021

Image credit: Thesupermat When Renaud Pierre Manuel Séchan, known in France simply as Renaud, covers Irish songs in French, this mix creates some very special music. Here’s all you need to know about Renaud’s album Molly Malone – Balade Irlandaise. The most famous French song about Ireland: “Les Lacs du Connemara” by Michel Sardou A […]


What is Saint Patrick’s Day and how to celebrate it in 2021?

By Laurine Tiran / March 11, 2021

Almost everyone around the world knows about Saint Patrick’s Day, but not so many people know why this day is special in Ireland. In 2021, when most of the world’s pubs are closed and nobody can go grab a beer on 17 March, another kind of celebration is organised.    Every country has its important […]

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