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I'm a French student doing a Master's degree in International Politics at the University of Toulon, France.


When celebrating a country becomes a problem, Part 1: Australia Day and the Indigenous Peoples

By Laurine Tiran / March 5, 2021

Image credit: David Jackmanson With different ethnic groups often cohabiting within a single state, finding the best way to celebrate a country can become a problem, especially when national days carry historical baggage.  National days are important because they represent the celebration of a country as a single entity, with all the citizens coming together […]


10 good vibe songs to cheer you up

By Laurine Tiran / March 1, 2021

Finding a way to keep a positive state of mind during a global pandemic is not easy, but some good vibe songs can help you through the hard times.  Music has a lot of therapeutic effects and tons of articles have already tried to explain how songs can help you feel better. Sometimes, sad songs […]


Four students and a professor: the French university experience in Ireland

By Laurine Tiran / February 26, 2021

International university experience in Ireland or in any other country is generally a positive experience for a student. Here, five French people describe the impact this adventure has had on their lives.    Since Brexit, Ireland and Malta are the only English-speaking countries in the European Union and in the Erasmus program. “International placements in […]


7 French words in English and the great question of pronunciation

By Laurine Tiran / February 24, 2021

Languages aren’t impervious to each other, they are intermingled and French words in English are more common than you think.  Languages have evolved mostly with history and with the links between first France and Great Britain, and then France and other English-speaking countries, but also the French-speaking parts of Canada, it is not surprising to […]


Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore review

By Laurine Tiran / February 22, 2021

In 2020, Taylor Swift released two surprise albums, folklore and evermore. Here’s a double review, because it is difficult to talk about one without talking about the other.    Doing a folklore and evermore review seems to be the most logical way to address these two records because they just hit differently together. In a […]


Learning history through musical theatre

By Laurine Tiran / February 17, 2021

Historical musical theatre is a good way to start learning history, but there still are some things you should be wary of.   Entertainment can be built on true stories or events. This link to reality can serve different purposes: either telling an unknown story, paying tribute to an important character, or just attracting the public […]

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