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    Laurine Tiran

    I'm a French student doing a Master's degree in International Politics at the University of Toulon, France.


    5 English expressions in French: what are we all saying?

    By Laurine Tiran / May 14, 2021

    Every language has its own expressions, sayings, or idioms to share the same idea with different words. The English and French languages use very different images, but where do they come from, and how are they translated?    Learning a language can be tricky, but the worst moment is when you hear a sentence where […]


    Shadow and Bone review: various opinions on the Netflix TV Show

    By Laurine Tiran / May 11, 2021

    Since the release of its whole first season on Netflix on 23 April, Shadow and Bone has stayed on the platform’s Top List. An achievement that I decided to comment on, with a little precious help.    If you haven’t heard about Shadow and Bone, adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s books, it’s either because you don’t […]


    4 movies about the Northern Ireland conflict

    By Laurine Tiran / May 7, 2021

    Either adapted from true stories or fiction taking place in the historical period, movies about the Northern Ireland conflict can give you an insight into the Troubles and help you understand what happened.    Officially starting in the 1960s and ending with the 1998 Belfast Agreement, although violence and tensions persist even today, the Northern […]


    Crossing Ireland by train: Cillian Murphy’s bedtime story

    By Laurine Tiran / May 5, 2021

    Bedtime stories may be a distant memory of your childhood, but in modern society, with high levels of stress, people need help falling asleep at night. Cillian Murphy has narrated such a story to lull you to sleep and help you discover Ireland at the same time.    “Various studies worldwide have shown the prevalence […]


    The four Celtic festivals: between tradition and modernity

    By Laurine Tiran / April 27, 2021

    Ancient Irish history revolved around four major Celtic festivals, but foreigners still don’t know much about them.  Irish folklore is often romanticised in popular culture: we imagine a very green field with druids and lovely fairies, and strongly linked to nature. It is a stereotype, a part of the country’s mythical traditions and a sort […]


    7 English words with Irish origins

    By Laurine Tiran / April 20, 2021

    Languages come from a mixing process, that’s why we find English words with Irish origins more often than you might think. Here are a few of them, described and discussed with a fluent Irish speaker.    As everybody knows, Ireland is an English-speaking country, but it doesn’t mean that the Emerald Isle doesn’t have its […]


    The Soundtrack of your Life, Part 3: a song for a situation

    By Laurine Tiran / April 16, 2021

    To continue building “The Soundtrack of your Life”, I asked people which song they linked to various situations, because most of us like to live life like we’re in a movie: with a good soundtrack.   Read here The Soundtrack of your Life, Part 1: a song to survive a pandemic  Read here The Soundtrack […]

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