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Alexiane is a French teacher turned writer. Life enthousiastic, book lover, musician at heart. Happiness is in the little things.


Behind the curtain: what is it like to be a journalist today?

By Alexiane Bacle / January 19, 2021

Many people have an incorrect idea of what it is to be a journalist. Indeed, it is very complicated to define who a journalist is and what they do. The word journalist comes from the French journaliste, derived from jour (day), journalier (daily) and latin diurnalis. At first, a journal was a book where the […]


10 Iconic Movies Turning 20 in 2021

By Alexiane Bacle / January 15, 2021

If history is mostly written in books, what better than the arts to reflect life? Movies, TV shows, songs… witnesses of an era, soon to become memories of a way of life.  Can you believe it’s been 20 years since 2001? I know it sounds pretty obvious, but time went by too quickly. 2000 babies […]


A Beginner’s guide to the GAA: An Outsider’s Perspective

By Alexiane Bacle / December 31, 2020

“The GAA was formed in Hayes Hotel in Thurles, Tipperary in 1884, but it’s history goes way beyond that.” This is what a sports fan would tell you. It can be hard to escape sports on games nights in Ireland; whether it’s football or rugby, there are proud supporters everywhere cheering for their town, wearing […]


What is Ireland’s Native Fauna?

By Alexiane Bacle / December 18, 2020

People often say that the grass is greener in Ireland. It might be a bad pun, but it might also be true. Ireland is a unique place that continues to fascinate and intrigue. It has amazing landscapes, beer, legends, music, and some very interesting fauna. What is Ireland’s native fauna? It is time to find […]


The Irish Folk Songs Tradition

By Alexiane Bacle / December 14, 2020

Around the world, Ireland is famous for its traditional music and dance, but less people know that the country has a long tradition of folk songs. The Irish folk songs tradition is deeply intertwined with the English and Scottish traditions, as the countries share much commun history.  We have all heard songs like The Parting […]


Top 10: Best Christmas Specials from Famous TV Shows

By Alexiane Bacle / December 10, 2020

Christmas is such a unique time of year; no matter where we are, it’s hard to escape the craziness. Indeed, even the biggest Grinch could not turn the TV on without stumbling on some Christmas content. However, even for those of us who actually enjoy diving head first into the Christmas spirit, it can be […]


Motivating Songs by the Babylon Radio team

By Alexiane Bacle / December 7, 2020

The end of the year can be a tough time: the weather is often cold, the days are shorts and the nights are long. Students are going through exams and many people are still looking for jobs. If most people are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, open gifts and see their loved one, for some […]


Best Christmas Markets in Europe

By Alexiane Bacle / December 4, 2020

Europe is famous for many things, including affordable education and healthcare, Schengen zone, warm beaches and great ski slopes. But if there is one thing we really do better than anywhere else, it’s the Christmas markets. So here is a list of the best Christmas markets in Europe.  Christmas markets have always been a favorite […]


6 of the Best Cocktails to Celebrate the End of the Year

By Alexiane Bacle / December 1, 2020

The holiday season has finally started. People are looking for gifts and recipes while trying to figure out how to celebrate the holidays with Covid. Many of us are looking forward to starting 2021 with a clean slate, but before, we must celebrate the end of the year.  Whether it is for Christmas, dinner with […]

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