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The Best Anime Movies and Shows To Watch Right Now

By Cliona Perrick / October 21, 2020

Anime shows and movies are extremely popular, however some may see them as a little weird or dorky. I am here to show you that just isn’t true. Many shows and movies give us examples of beautiful directing, writing and editing and character development.  If you’re a cinephile, there are anime movies that just can’t […]


A Graduates Guide to surviving College

By Cliona Perrick / October 16, 2020

A Grad’s Guide to college College can be some of the most educational, frustrating, funny and stressful times of a young person’s life. The 3 to 4 years you spend at university can be a great learning opportunity to mature and grow as a person. With all that being said it can also cause a […]


The best places to thrift in Dublin city

By Cliona Perrick / October 12, 2020

Sustainable shopping is something that is becoming more and more popular, thrift shops have become both a trendy and sustainable way of shopping. Thrift shops are a great environmentally friendly and cheap option for a lot of young people today. Dublin city offers an array of great thrift shops, with lots of options and chances […]


6 of the best pumpkin recipes

By Cliona Perrick / October 8, 2020

Now that autumn is finally upon us, pumpkin lovers everywhere can rejoice. It is officially the month and season of all things pumpkin! If you like me, love all things that exude a cozy autumn vibe and also love the delicious seasonal vegetable that is the pumpkin, sit back, relax and enjoy this article filled […]


Why witchcraft is a trend

By Cliona Perrick / October 5, 2020

The history of witchcraft is one that has not always been smooth or popular. Way back when it was once condemned to practice crafts associated with witchcraft, it proved fatal to even be suspected of being a witch. In 2020, witchcraft has become a type of trend; from crystals to tarot cards, people are regularly […]


Are young people missing life milestones?

By Cliona Perrick / October 1, 2020

Most of us remember going to our debs, starting university, going out for our first legal drink, and even our first date. Yet, for a lot of teenagers and young adults, all these life experiences have been halted due to the pandemic that we are facing. Normal experiences that people should be having are now […]


An insomniacs guide to sleeping better

By Cliona Perrick / September 28, 2020

If you are someone like me who is more of a nocturnal creature who feels more alive the later it is, you probably have trouble sleeping. Having a healthy sleep schedule is vital for a more productive and balanced day. It is recommended to get 8 hours of sleep a night if you can. There […]


How Dublin Drag queens have adapted during Covid-19

By Cliona Perrick / September 24, 2020

The Dublin nightlife is one that is, usually, constantly thriving throughout the week. The streets are alive with many bars and clubs. However, due to the pandemic, the gay scene in Ireland has been struggling. Most of the bars, clubs and pubs have been closed since March. Now with new restrictions for Dublin and wet […]


How food can improve your mood

By Cliona Perrick / September 21, 2020

During times of uncertainty, it is important to keep a balanced and healthy diet to help with mental health and overall mood. This is more relevant than ever with the current pandemic that we are facing. Due to restrictions and lockdowns many of us have been confined to the four corners of our own homes. […]

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