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Why Everyone Should Do an Erasmus

By Cliona Perrick / November 20, 2020

Doing an Erasmus or exchange in college can be a life changing experience.  It can have an array of benefits; you gain independence, experience and meet amazing people along the way.  If you’re thinking of applying for an erasmus year through your college course I strongly urge you do so! If you have to participate […]


A Coffee Addicts Guide to Cutting Down on Coffee

By Cliona Perrick / November 13, 2020

Coffee for me is a necessity and a comfort. As strange as it sounds I often go to bed excited for my morning cup. However, lately I find myself loving it just a little bit too much. I’m currently doing a full time masters and I find myself averaging nearly 5 cups of a coffee […]


The Dark History of Thanksgiving

By Cliona Perrick / November 11, 2020

Thanksgiving is a beloved and widely celebrated holiday in America as well as other countries including Canada and Brazil. The holiday is most widely celebrated in America. The annual holiday usually celebrates the year’s blessings and harvests. In America the holiday occurs on the last Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is becoming […]


5 Irish Successful Directors

By Cliona Perrick / November 6, 2020

There’s something about Irish made films, they always seem to have a certain depth, sorrow and dark humour to them. I think the Irish have a natural talent for story telling that encompasses Irishness as whole, yet is unique enough from other films and filmmakers, which sets them aside from the rest of Hollywood. The […]


10 of The Best Foreign Language Films to Watch

By Cliona Perrick / November 3, 2020

Being stuck at home due to the current lockdown, you may find some extra time on your hands, you may be using that time to watch that movie you never got around to watching. If you’re a film buff there’s many foreign films that are worth watching. Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this […]


5 Of The Best Online Learning Platforms

By Cliona Perrick / October 28, 2020

Ireland has decided to go into another 6 week lockdown which started on 21st of October 2020. The country will be in a 6 week lockdown to aid in minimising the spread in Covid-19 and lower the cases. This being our second lockdown, we now know the do’s and don’ts of how to spend our […]


Books and Films that Tackle the Theme of Loneliness

By Cliona Perrick / October 26, 2020

Loneliness can be crippling; it is a feeling most people have felt at some point their life. It can creep up on a person and leave you feeling lost, anxious or depressed, seriously harming your mental health.  With the many challenges the world is facing right now, loneliness feels like it’s constantly on our doorsteps. […]


The Best Anime Movies and Shows To Watch Right Now

By Cliona Perrick / October 21, 2020

Anime shows and movies are extremely popular, however some may see them as a little weird or dorky. I am here to show you that just isn’t true. Many shows and movies give us examples of beautiful directing, writing and editing and character development.  If you’re a cinephile, there are anime movies that just can’t […]


A Graduates Guide to surviving College

By Cliona Perrick / October 16, 2020

A Grad’s Guide to college College can be some of the most educational, frustrating, funny and stressful times of a young person’s life. The 3 to 4 years you spend at university can be a great learning opportunity to mature and grow as a person. With all that being said it can also cause a […]


The best places to thrift in Dublin city

By Cliona Perrick / October 12, 2020

Sustainable shopping is something that is becoming more and more popular, thrift shops have become both a trendy and sustainable way of shopping. Thrift shops are a great environmentally friendly and cheap option for a lot of young people today. Dublin city offers an array of great thrift shops, with lots of options and chances […]

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