Jenny Bui

Jenny Bui

5 Secrets of a Chinese Restaurant


Shhh! I grew up with my parents’ Chinese restaurant and have worked as a waitress for ten years and will tell you about some of the little tricks and secrets that only waiters and restaurant staff know. Why are the…

Former Russian MP Killed at Kiev Hotel


Former Russian MP Denis Voronenkov has been shot dead outside a hotel in the centre of the Ukrainian capital. Voronenkov and his bodyguard were leaving the Premier Palace hotel when they were attacked. Witnesses spoke of hearing seven shots being…

Parliament Shooting

shooting parliament

Two Shots were heard outside the House of Parliament in Central London. Commons Leader David Lidington has said that a police officer had been stabbed and police said they had shot the presumed attacker. He was seen running towards the…

Rivers in India Accorded Human Status


A court in India has ruled that two sacred rivers in India are to be given human status to help preserve the rivers and fight against their pollution. Industrialisation, deforestation and rapid urbanisation have contributed to the heavy pollution of…

Mother’s Day in Ireland


Cards, flowers, gifts, chocolate, more flowers and lots of love. Mother’s day is celebrated all across the world. In Ireland, it is coming up soon! Unlike many other countries which celebrate Mother’s Day in May, in Ireland, this special day…

Students Die in Ghana Waterfall Accident

Waterfall 1

Twenty students have died after being hit by falling trees while swimming at the Kintampo waterfalls, a popular tourist spot in Ghana. The Kintampo waterfalls are one of the highest waterfalls in the country. According to Ghana national fire service…