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Irish food combinations that’ll make your jaw drop

By Sofiya Volvakova / May 25, 2020

Ireland is a small country with a distinct gastronomic taste. While the Japanese take pride in their sushi and sashimi, the French stick to their truffles and snails, and the Italians eat their prosciutto on a piece of bruschetta bread, Ireland rapidly opens up and embraces new cuisines. The result? Find out now! Garlic sauce, […]


Covid-19: Graduating to (un)employment

By Sofiya Volvakova / May 22, 2020

Graduates have always struggled to secure a job. Despite the good grades one may have been getting in college, stepping into a real-world experience is a story of its own kind. Little experience, poor interview skills and unrealistic salary expectations are among the most common reasons for graduates failing to find a job after leaving […]