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Myanmar’s Military Coup: A democracy won and lost 

By Sonia / February 24, 2021

Myanmar’s military has ended its decade-long dalliance with democracy by launching a coup against the nation’s most popular political party and the former Nobel Peace Prize winner who leads it. Early Monday morning local time, the country’s armed forces seized full control of the government after arresting Aung San Suu Kyi — the nation’s civilian […]


The Irish schooling system: playing catch-up with the world

By Sonia / February 23, 2021

Understanding the Irish schooling system The sixteenth-century Tudor monarchs’ establishment of the first state-funded Educational institutions in Ireland, with the first printing presses appearing under Henry Queen Elizabeth; all in all, this led to the establishing Trinity College Dublin, approving the printing of the first Irish language books, and instructing Latin-free schools be established in […]


10 best jogging spots on the Emerald Isle

By Sonia / February 20, 2021

Ireland is one of the most idyllic countries in the world; when the sun shines, there’s no better place to get out for some fresh air and exercise. However finding the motivation to get out and immerse yourself in it, can be challenging – life can get in the way. Well, there’s no time like […]


10 best houseplants that help boost your mental health

By Sonia / February 17, 2021

  Managing your mental health can be a difficult balancing act: between friendships, family, romance, work and now the pandemic, it’s easy for our busy lives to start to take a toll on our brains. There’s been ongoing research that suggests that indoor plants not only purify the air but have calming effects on your […]


The Saga of The Indian Farmer Protest: Rihanna vs Rightist India

By Sonia / February 15, 2021

What is happening in India? The 2020–2021 Indian farmers’ protest is an ongoing protest against three farm acts which were passed by the Parliament of India in September 2020. The contentious acts often called the Farm Bills, have been described as “anti-farmer laws” by many farmer unions and politicians from the opposition also say it […]


10 Best Vegan Snacks on A Budget

By Sonia / February 13, 2021

“If you can’t stand watching it be produced, you shouldn’t be eating it.” As veganism takes the world by storm it leaves us asking important questions about what we as humans consume and the feasibility of the human lifestyle and its impact on the global sustainable development movement.  Babylon presents, our list of top 10 […]


10 Turkish delights to cook in your final lockdown

By Sonia / February 9, 2021

Considered as the third richest cuisine after the French and the Chinese gastronomy Turkish cuisine is a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the Orient. The unique location combined with the migration of Turks from Central Asia to Europe has shaped the identity of its gastronomy over the centuries and hoping to do justice to the […]


10 Irish things all foreigners find weird

By Sonia / February 4, 2021

May it be taking the piss or saluting random birds on the road, here are ten Irish things that left me stretching my head.       1.Thanking the bus driver – manners in Ireland The people of Ireland are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. Although this custom isn’t completely […]


Nuclear Weapons Have Been Finally Outlawed: What Now?

By Sonia / February 2, 2021

A weapon never used or seen before gave birth to a new generation of international warfare and changed the way humans perceive war in the modern era over 7 decades ago. With a surface temperature of 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit (6,000 Celsius), the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima over 75 years ago, it wiped […]


I was one of the hundreds incorrectly charged emergency tax

By Sonia / January 29, 2021

I could feel my payday glow vanishing as I dumbfoundedly stared at my payslip, which was half of what I should have received. I was unknowingly and incorrectly charged the emergency tax, like hundreds of fellow residents. How did I understand the problem and, more importantly, how did I get back my money? What is […]

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