10 Best Vegan Snacks on A Budget

“If you can’t stand watching it be produced, you shouldn’t be eating it.”

As veganism takes the world by storm it leaves us asking important questions about what we as humans consume and the feasibility of the human lifestyle and its impact on the global sustainable development movement. 

Babylon presents, our list of top 10 vegan snacks on a budget to help you along your vegan journey

Sweet potato fries

Image result for sweet potatoes fries

Sweet potato fries are a sweet and salty snack that is a canvas to experiment with bold or mellow flavours that you wish to add; they are as cheap as normal potatoes, yet offer an almost candy-like natural flavour that pairs perfectly with just some salt and olive oil. However, I add a pinch of cumin to my fries to add some more heat and an additional flavour profile. This snack is perfect for you if you are a novice vegan, and there is no chance of messing up this three-step recipe.

Check out the recipe here: Sweet Potatoes Fries


Burrito bowl with chipotle black bean Quinoa Bowls IMAGE 1

This is the perfect canvas to build a scrumptious flavour profile; this healthy burrito bowl is chock full of veggies and greens,
perfect for a filling lunch. This is one vegetarian meal that tastes just as good as it looks.

Check out the recipe here: Burrito Bowl 


Tropical cashew no-bake snack bar

Image result for Tropical cashew no-bake snack bars square

This tropical-inspired no-bake snack is just perfect to hit that sweet tooth and leave you feeling a guilt-free sugar rush. Not only a vegan but also paleo, healthy snack, this is inspired by Hawaiian flavours! With dried pineapple, cashew, coconut, lime, and a coconut glaze, this easy dessert-style snack bars recipe has an explosion of tropical flavour! 

Check out the recipe here: Tropical Cashew Bars


Avocado tomato bruschetta Image result for Avocado tomato bruschetta 

Full of fibre and protein, these easy healthy avocado bruschetta is a delicious way to use up stale bread and makes for a great breakfast, lunch, or supper. If you have time to make toast, you have time to make this; it’s super-quick, and you can prepare the toppings while the toast is cooking.

Check out the recipe here: Avocado tomato bruschetta


Crispy chickpeasImage result for roasted chickpeas

It’s no secret I’m a fan of roasted chickpeas – they’re a great addition to soups, stews, salads, sandwiches, you name it. This recipe will still offer you all the protein and heartiness of regular chickpeas, but they’ve become an irresistible salty, crunchy ingredient

Check out the recipe here: Crispy Chickpeas


Vegan, gluten-free baba ganoush without tahini 

Image result for baba ganoush

Baba ganoush is one of my favourite Middle Eastern party dips, and it was probably the dish that initiated my love affair with eggplant. I never liked the mushy vegetable before I tried it in my mother’s baba ganoush. She always whipped up a big batch of the charred eggplant, walnut, and pomegranate dip for any large dinner party we were going to be having, and it was always one of the most popular appetizers. The sweet smoky flavor of eggplant shines through this dish, dressed simply with only olive oil, some garlic, and pomegranate molasses.

Check out the recipe here: Vegan, gluten-free baba ganoush without tahini


Creamy coconut curry lentils with spinachImage result for coconut curry lentils with spinach

This rich, creamy, and earthy India dish is perfect for any time and I meant it, may it be a quick lunch or a midnight craving and not to mention it will cost you 3 euros for an entire weeks worth (take it from a weekly meal prep pro)

Coconut Curry Lentils are an easy and delicious vegan option for dinner or weekly meal prep!

Check out the recipe here: Creamy coconut curry lentils with spinach


Chilli garlic tofu bowlImage result for Chilli garlic tofu bowl

If anyone mistook vegan food for being bland, this recipe is gonna be a punch of explosion for their smug little face and when I say explosion I mean nuclear! Crispy tofu that has been fried until golden brown, coated with a savoury, spicy and sweet chilli sauce and fragrant rice is the perfect go-to for any time or occasion and a perfect choice for any dinner party or meal prep, get ready to realise the full potential of tofu.

Check out the recipe here: Chili garlic tofu bowl


Avocado chocolate mousseImage result for avocado chocolate mousse

If you’ve never tried avocado chocolate mousse before, this healthy recipe will take you completely by surprise! The rich chocolate and the creamy smooth velvet-like texture of the avocado is something I enjoyed even when I was a meat-eater. The dish is affordable, tasty and versatile, giving you room to experiment with different chocolate combinations and pairing. Avocados are 100% cholesterol-free, contribute nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and depending upon the quality and type the chocolate can further boost the health benefits of the star snack.

Check out the recipe here: Avocado chocolate mousse


Falafel saladImage result for chickpea salad

You may be looking at that picture and thinking, “But where is the falafel?” Well, it’s not a salad with falafel, it’s a salad made out of falafel ingredients. Falafel salad, get it?

 made on a  bed of fresh parsley and cilantro the two herbs are what make the falafel taste so amazing and fresh this recipe is a flavourful combination of Chickpeas bulgur wheat, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and any other veggies that you wish to add to your salad.

Bursting with flavours and health benefits alike this snack can be made with any canned veggies you have lying around and is light on the pocket as well.

Check out the recipe here: Falafel salad


Teriyaki noodle bowlsImage result for Teriyaki noodle bowls

Better than any suspicious take out, this super easy and quick teriyaki noodle is perfect for any family dinner or just a personal binge session, additionally, this is also the best way to use up any leftover vegetables that you are looking to deal with, the sweet-salty flavour hits the spot when in the mood for a something that will fill the soul as well, take it from a junkie.

Check out the recipe here: Teriyaki noodle bowls

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