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Pride Parade: The freedom we all want to achieve

By Tatiana Kireeva / June 26, 2017

Last Saturday, the 24th of June, Dublin, usually grey and rainy, changed its colour palette to a brighter rainbowlike one. Free sweets, bubbles flying, rainbow-flags and people in different funny costumes turned Dublin into a more peaceful and lively place, welcoming everybody to participate in its life. “To celebrate Pride Parade for us is to […]


5 Gardens To Visit in Dublin

By Christie Kandiwa / June 23, 2017

Dublin is filled with historic buildings and natural landscapes that can blow you away. Here’s a curated list of the only five of the popular gardens to visit in Dublin. Botanical Gardens  The Botanical Gardens are located three kilometres away from Dublin City Centre. They are an have of calm and beauty, and admission is […]


Yoga can help ease back pain

By Neha Katoch / June 20, 2017

Yoga can be as effective as physical therapy in treating your lower back pain, says a new study published in a major medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine. The research manifests yoga as a potential therapy to ease out back pain. While the discipline has its fans in the medical community and all across the world, […]


Migrant children lag behind in English reading: Survey

By Neha Katoch / June 16, 2017

According to the findings based on the evidence of the performance of nine-year-old students from Growing Up in Ireland survey, migrant students in Ireland fall behind in English reading as compared to Irish peers and this gap is largest for East European children. In other subjects such as Maths, the differences in achievement between Irish […]


Study: Vegetables with Enticing Names are Tastier

By Christie Kandiwa / June 14, 2017

If you were told that vegetable can be seductive by just changing their names would you believe it? In a study published June 12 in JAMA Internal Medicine, it was found that indulgent names enticed people made people eat more vegetables. A team of researchers at Stanford University in California, US, found that when students were […]


Even light drinking can have adverse effects on your brain: Study

By Neha Katoch / June 7, 2017

According to a recent study conducted by the researchers from the University of Oxford and University College London, alcohol consumption, even at moderate levels, is associated with adverse brain outcomes. The study was conducted on 550 men and women from United Kingdom with mean age of 43 and the cognitive performance was measured repeatedly over […]


Karaoke in Dublin

By Jenny Bui / April 13, 2017

What could be better than spending your night out in Dublin by grabbing a group of friends and coercing them into singing with you along to Oasis’ or ABBA’s hits in one of the numerous pubs and karaoke bars. Often, your bravery will be rewarded with a free cocktail, shot or, if you dare to […]


Can a Diet Without Milk Damage Your Bones?

By Jenny Bui / April 12, 2017

According to a survey by the UK National Osteoporosis Society, 20% of young adults under 25 leave out or reduce diary in their diet The survey also suggests that many base their decision on advice they were given by bloggers and vloggers. Another survey by a Food Standards Agency found that while almost half of […]


Dublin’s Most Controversial Café

By Jenny Bui / April 5, 2017

I had been living for about four weeks in Dublin when it came up in a conversation with my host family that the café right across the street where we lived was famous for being the centre of heated debates on social media. It instantly sparked my interest and I asked what exactly it was […]


Is Your Make – up Really Cruelty – Free?

By Jenny Bui / April 4, 2017

Even if you’re not a vegan but vegetarian, you might want to know that some of your much loved makeup may look innocent enough but could actually contain crushed beetles or other animal products.  So what exactly defines vegan make – up? And is it hard to get affordable vegan make – up? First of […]

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