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8 Irish Festivals Making a Glorious Return This October

By Thomas Cleary / October 11, 2021

The state of Irish festivals under lockdown One of the most frustrating things about the Coronavirus pandemic has been the constant cancellation of events and festivals around the country. Stay at home and social distancing measures meant that anything involving groups of people was cancelled. The uncertainty of the trajectory of the virus meant that […]


A Completely Unbiased Guide To the Best and Worst Irish Accents

By Thomas Cleary / October 5, 2021

There are seven English speaking countries in the world, the UK, Ireland, U.S.A, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, and if you separate the UK into its four countries, that would make 10. Each of these countries have their own wide variety of accents that are usually the quickest way that people are able […]


Crime In Ireland: Is It Safe For Tourists?

By Thomas Cleary / September 28, 2021

Travelling and moving abroad for work is easier than it has ever been. Even though this has not necessarily been true for the last two years, the slow easing of lockdowns around the world is starting to see more and more itchy-footed travellers venture out into the world once more. This is great news, not […]


A Conversation with Mutant Vinyl’s Edwin Pope

By Thomas Cleary / September 22, 2021

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, jobs have been lost, pubs and restaurants have been closed, and everyone has generally just been bored as shit. One of the greatest frustrations of this pandemic has been the hit taken by the live music scene. The buzz of live gigs has been sorely missed […]


Ireland’s Global Influence: How a Tiny Nation Changed the World

By Thomas Cleary / September 14, 2021

For the majority of our lives, and the majority of history for that matter, a small group of countries have been the major influences on the people, society, and culture of the planet. This has changed through the ages of course, with civilizations from different parts of the world having their time in the sun, […]


10 Irish Mythological Creatures: History Through Myths

By Thomas Cleary / September 7, 2021

Knowledge of Irish mythological creatures If there is one thing that Ireland is known for (besides alcohol) it’s our ability to produce incredible writers, poets, and musicians. People like W.B Yeates, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker are part of the reason why Ireland has earned the title: The Land of Saints and Scholars.  […]


15 Common Misconceptions About Ireland

By Thomas Cleary / September 1, 2021

Even though it’s a small island with a small population in the corner of Europe, Ireland has gained quite a global reputation. People from all over the world are aware of us, even if they don’t quite know a lot about us. Our global reputation is likely due to factors like our presence in TV […]


Backpacking in the Balkans: An Essential Guide

By Thomas Cleary / August 24, 2021

Free and open travel within Europe is the envy of travelers from all over the world. The fact that citizens of EU member states can travel freely from country to country with no need for a visa, or even a passport, is something that is often underappreciated and taken for granted. In fact for many […]


15 Reasons To Visit Wexford: Ireland’s Most Underrated County

By Thomas Cleary / August 20, 2021

Ireland has a lot to offer foreign tourists, from the rich history, to the gorgeous scenery, to the lively bar culture. Aside from the less-than-fabulous weather, there’s no lack of things for tourists to see and experience — even the food has gotten less inedible over the last couple decades. This all shows in the […]

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