Coronavirus: 10 Tips for food shopping during quarantine

Modern life is full of stress because we never stop. Now that we can stop, we are double stressed out. Going to the supermarket has become the main activity after the lockdown. Because of that, lots of people concentrate on these places damaging their health and that of others if the established norms are not put into practice. Therefore, we must take some precautions and think more carefully before, during and after buying during the quarantine. This is a shortlist of 10 things you can do to feel more relaxed at the supermarket and not stressed out at all while protecting your life and the ones around you.

Don’t go at peak times

You know your place better than anyone else. According to that, skip the busiest hours to buy, like the ‘before and after work’ time. If you still work during quarantine, you can go during your break, if you fancy.

Avoid trolleys and use your bags.

Supermarket workers probably disinfect them as much as possible, but that’s not enough to kill the virus. Using your own trolley and bags you will reduce the impact of Coronavirus on you and the environment. Once you get home, wash it with hot water and add some antiseptic. Prevention is better than cure!

Use gloves, always.

We don’t really know how many viruses can be next to us and of course, the supermarket surfaces will be full of it. Even if you are not supposed to buy fruit, please wear them. It’s much healthier for everyone to wear gloves than masks (except for those who are infected).

1.5 m / 1.5 yd distance to the closest person to you

This is the most important and efficient rule to respect them all. The person next to you may not be that aware about Covid-19 yet, help him/her with consideration. Same with the cashier and workers, appreciate their hard work, they’re feeding you.

Stop asking if the supermarket will be closed tomorrow

That’s not gonna happen. We live in a welfare state, which means we have the right to be able to acquire basic necessities. This is the main reason why supermarkets and pharmacies remain open, for living in dignity.  

Let old people and the pregnant buy first

They are the most affected and needy of this crisis. So be kind and help them with the shopping bags (always considering the safety distance). Good karma will reward you! 

Yes, the toilet paper will be here soon

That’s one of the easiest items to get for the supermarkets, but one of the most difficult to find for modern humans that are not mad about Covid-19. Anyway, toilet paper is not as necessary as we may think. In other cultures, using a bidet or/with soap and water is more than enough. Also, this mix is the kryptonite for the virus, right?

Buy what you will need for the next few days, not just for today

Take this seriously. This is a real lockdown, you are not in a simulation. Don’t use the supermarket as a meeting point or a place you can have a look for buying just a beer. At least, buy a twelve-pack plus some real food for the rest of the quarantine (and popcorn, of course)!

Use your card or mobile phone to pay if possible

This way, you don’t really have to touch anything where the virus is living, so keep your belongings clean frequently. Nevertheless, it is not that dangerous to pay in cash if you don’t touch your face after.

Ask the cashier to make your receipt digital

If you try this, you won’t touch the receipt paper, protect the environment a little more and you can always show it to the policeman that may stop you in the street.

Now you can survive while being healthier and less stressed out. Have a good quarantine!

Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira

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