Melbourne plane crash.

A tragic accident has happened in Melbourne, Australia.  The plane crashed into a shopping centre, five people were killed.

Police claimed that the plane had “ catastrophic engine failure” as soon as took off from a small airport in Essendon.

During the catastrophe one Australian pilot and four US citizens died, fortunately no-one on the ground was injured.

The Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews made a statement, in which he said “ it was the worst civilian aviation accident in the state in 30 years”

The investigation has begun, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is  going to check carefully how the twin-engine Beechcraft B200 King Air crashed.

As it was mentioned before nobody  was injured on the ground. Fortunately the staff of the warehouse, where the plane crashed were safe. Additionally stores at that time were empty as well as the car park, that’s why no-one was hurt.

The pilot was a 63- year old man, who came across as being a professional with a lot of experience airman. He owned the company Corporate and Leisure Aviation with his wife, at the website are information about his experienced career.

After the plane crashed, police had to close the nearby Tullamarine Freeway, when one of the witnesses found debris of the plane. Furthermore three schools were closed and the area of the shopping centre was evacuated.

More than 60 firefighters were involved to control the huge black smoke, which  blew up and rose high into the air.

After the tragic accident Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull offered his condolences to the families of those who have died. He was “deeply saddened” he said.


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