Outcasts: The Best Bagels in Dublin

Outcasts was founded in June 2021 by Ben Heather and Jack Hitchcock. Located in Stoneybatter, they are trading at the yard of Clarke City Arms pub at 55 Prussia Street. They have created a feel-good oasis with a tropical vibe, in the heart of Dublin. They sell the most remarkable Bagels in the county. Whether you´re a fan of classic combinations or adventurous flavors, Outcasts has something to offer that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. 

On the Menu

Besides the classic bagels like a cream cheese bacon bagel and one with cream cheese and salmon, Outcasts offer some other delectable ones. There is the Spudi-Udi-Dopalicious, filled with potatoes, sauteed onions, chorizo, smoked black pudding, scrambled egg yolks, and sriracha mayo. Which is like Irish Breakfast in a Bagel, isn´t it? 

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Spudi-Udi-Dopalicious. Image by Outcasts

The Big Boi is a bagel with maple and mustard glazed hand-carved ham, smoked gubbeen cheese,  pickled red cabbage, and a Dijon Mayo. There is also always a vegetarian/vegan option and also a sweet one with peanut butter and homemade jam. 

On the weekends they also have a specialty menu, with two or three more bagels. If you want to be up-to-date about their specials, keep an eye on their Instagram. Ben and Jack are usually sharing daily what they offer. If you´re planning on going there on the weekend, make sure not to be there too late, as it is likely that towards the end most bagel variations are sold out.

The Mothership

What Ben and Jack call Mothership, is the shipping container they use as a food truck. So the story before they decided to buy a container was that once they saw Container Coffee on Thomas Street they realized this was an option they hadn’t considered. 

Ben says We looked at how much that would cost and we got a really good deal for the container. It´s big, it’s spacious. Four people can work there comfortably. We just decided that that would be a better option, and it’s more unique I suppose than some of the trailers and horseboxes.” So what they did was go to the Dublin Docks and buy the shipping container second-hand and get it refitted and repurposed as a full kitchen.

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Image by brickbearclothing

The Sitting Area

The best thing, besides the bagels obviously, about Outcasts is that a visit there feels like a short holiday where you can relax and take a break from your daily stress. There are multiple picnic benches with tables, where you can sit and enjoy your meal. What makes the atmosphere there so relaxing is that there is always some feel-good music playing, the container and the walls are colorfully painted and there are also some plants that look like small palm trees. Especially when the sun is shining, you really get that tropical vibe, holiday feeling.


Ben’s favorite bagel is the special called Limp Brisket, its 12 hours of slow-cooked beef brisket, jalapenos, caramelized red onions, American cheese,  and rocket, topped with Guinness barbeque sauce. “A unique bagel, but really, really good.”

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Big Boi. Image by Outcasts

My favorite bagel is the Big Boi, in comparison to other Outcasts bagels simple but very delicious and you won’t get sick of it. Another Highlight is the Low ‘n’ Slow with 12 hours of slow-cooked pulled pork, jalapenos, smoked cheddar, crispy shallots, rocket, and delicious South Carolina sauce. Other than the Big Boi, the Low ´n´ Slow is one of the specialty bagels and is not always available. 

Local Ingredients and Sustainability

All bagels are prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Many suppliers give them their fresh ingredients, the bagels come from a bakery in Cork, the ham comes from County Meath and the pudding comes from Galway. They focus on local ingredients from Irish suppliers.

For the coffee, they use compostable cups and lids. If you want to save some money, bring your own reusable cup and get a discount, so you do something for the environment and for your budget. Also Ben says there are many customers who actually come and take some of their grounded coffee beans and bring them home for composting and their gardens. 


After a year in Dublin 13, they found a new option in Stoneybatter and have new plans for the future. 

As they moved to Stoneybatter and prepared the entire yard for Outcasts,  they also brought a pizza truck in. And for the future, there will also be a taco truck and maybe some more options. 

Also good to know is that their yard is now Cowtown, Saturday 27 May was their opening. So what they are planning for the future is and I want to quote Ben:

“We want people to know that we sell clothes here, we want people to come here and sell handcrafted items here on the weekends, live music all that kind of stuff.”

The yard is called ‘Cowtown’, “because this is part of the old Dublin Cattle Market, instead of “The Yard where Outcasts is” it’s gonna be “Cowtown” and there is going to be Outcasts, the Pizza Truck,  a Taco truck but also clothes and markets and all this stuff.”

Go and grab a bagel… 

And tell me, which one is your favorite. Just have your own experience at Cowtown and have a nice vacation! 

Caroline Lessinger
Caroline Lessinger

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