The Psychology Of Swiping: Exploring the emotional journey

Moving to a new country that is far away from home can bring excitement as well as the sentiment of being parted from your loved ones. Starting a new life all over again from zero can be challenging mentally, but having support at that time can be very helpful.
The initial excitement of new opportunities can slowly come down with the unfamiliar adjustments and the anticipation that is covered with anxiety, curiosity, nervousness and discovery leads us to swiping.

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The Initial Stage: (Beginning of swiping)

The decision to move abroad holds a lot of excitement for trying out new things, cultural immersion and experiences that lead to personal growth as well. Just like the excitement of swiping someone who you think can be a potential match or at least is worth meeting once. This phase is known as a sense of hope and imagining various possibilities that lie ahead, which may or may not be fulfilled.

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Landing on to the reality:

It all starts becoming real when you land and the choice is made. More like a reality check when you are standing in the new place. Anxiety and uncertainty will be the constant emotions until you are settled. There are different questions popping up in your mind like, Have I made the right choice? Will this new location be as amazing as I imagined? Will I be able to adjust into the differences in culture? Similar is the feeling you get when you meet someone new for the first time, in a new country while adjusting to a new culture and climate.


The process of getting to know each other:

This is the most interesting phase of the process. Like going on dates and trying to know things about each other. Exploring the cuisines, cultures and interests just to see if it matches our level of madness or if we feel more at home. There can be various experiences when it comes to meeting someone for a date especially for the first time as both of them will try to put their best foot forward and look confident at the same time hide the nervousness. Sometimes it can be good as if two people who just click as soon as they meet but sometimes it can also be something you want to end as soon as possible. Getting to know someone really well takes time and various layers to peel just like a new country with layers of history, culture, people etc.

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Moment of Swipe Left:

The “swipe left” in dating apps means that the person has a lack of interest or is not sure of the compatibility. When you get out of your comfort zone and try to attempt being independent in a new country, your fears can be heightened and you can be more vulnerable. The struggle with various feelings like being alone, uncertainty of the choices and craving for a familiar atmosphere can be difficult. But as most of them say communication is the key no matter how big the issue is, doing so can help in personal development and self confidence.

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Trying to create a support system:

As time goes and we start settling in, we are looking for some concrete connections that last longer be it friendship or relationship. Creating a support network is really important for mental health especially when you are alone in a new country far away from your family. You never know which right swipe might lead you to an interesting experience or land you in a boring situation you want to get out of. It’s just the attempt of not giving up and trying till you are happy or at least satisfied.

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Making a home or leaving?

After all the exploration it’s then time for you to decide whether you choose to stay or choose to move on and look for new experiences. This stage includes an internal debate that mostly occurs in relationships on whether to commit or continue dating. And there are a lot of things to consider before any type of commitment like career prospects, individual choice and a sense of self awareness.

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Embracing while accepting the journey:

Similar to the feeling of scrolling through potential mates on a dating app, moving to a new nation is a significant psychological trip. From the early enthusiasm and interest to the difficulties of culture shock and the final choice of whether to make a long-term commitment, it entails a range of emotional highs and lows. The experience of relocating to a new nation can result in personal growth, broadened horizons, and a deeper awareness of oneself and the world, much like the act of swiping can lead to significant interactions. Making the most of this transforming experience requires accepting the psychological rollercoaster of the voyage.

Bhakti Acharya
Bhakti Acharya

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  1. I like the way how you compare swiping right with moving to a new place. The excitement, nervousness, yes it’s all there but the possibility of a new beginning sometimes does overcome that.
    It’s a good read and I can identify with it a 100%.

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