What have Gandhi and Silvio Berlusconi in common?

The ex prime Italian minister announced that he is becoming vegetarian. Corriere della sera underlined the similarity between him and other famous vegetarians like Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi is well known as the leader of Indian independence, the inspirer of civil rights movement in his country and across the world. He is unofficially called the “Father of the Nation”.

Well, what is the connection between him and the famous Italian politician? The feminism interest? The sex abstinence? Of course not. Both of theme are vegetarian.

Berlusconi surprised again with his last declaration: He announced that he is becoming vegetarian! (Who cares?).

The interest around this 79-year-old man is still incredibly high in Italy; this is why when he declared: “we need to do something about Ragù, we have to avoid making it with meat” all the most important Italian newspapers, like Corriere della Sera, have reported the news.

The three time prime minister said: “Animals are marvellous creatures. How can we kill them? How can we eat them?”. Silvio’s supporters immediately resumed an anecdote from the ex prime minister’s childhood. The story says that when Silvio was just a child he was so scared to kill some ants that he decided to tie a bell on his ankle. In this way all the animals could know when he is passing and make themselves safe.

The number of people that are becoming vegetarian is growing in Italy. A survey conducted last year by Eurispes counts that the five per cent of the population  is  vegetarian. This year the same survey counts that eight percent of the population started this kind of diet.

Maybe the vegetarian community (after learning that Berlusconi is now part of their circle) will decide to re evaluate their decision not to eat meat.


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