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What will the Biden presidency mean for Ireland?

By Aoife McDowell / November 18, 2020

Earlier this month, when Joe Biden was announced as the projected next president of the United States, there were celebrations in the streets of his ancestry town of Ballina, county Mayo. The newly elected president has been outspoken on his Irish roots and many in Ireland supported his campaign. Now that the dust has begun […]


Is social media creating a more polarised society?

By Aoife McDowell / November 11, 2020

Over the last number of years, there has been an increasing debate suggesting that society as a whole is now more divided than ever.  America has been at the forefront of this debate, as it has become increasingly polarised, with tensions between the right and left eventually boiling over into riots and violent clashes on […]


From Detox teas to cosmetic surgery: Has social media advertising gone too far?

By Aoife McDowell / October 14, 2020

Advertisements on social media are nothing new. It is common to see sponsored ads when scrolling through all social media platforms. However, across social media there has been an increasing trend in advertisements directly related to changing one’s body image. These images are directed mostly at teenagers and young adults. As a twenty-four-year-old myself I […]


The unequal impact of new lockdown restrictions

By Aoife McDowell / October 1, 2020

The Northern Ireland Assembly has recently introduced new regulations across the region to try and stop the spread of coronavirus. The unequal impact of new lockdown restrictions have been felt by many. These lockdown restrictions have made it illegal for anyone from separate households to visit one another inside their homes. These new rules also […]


The environmental impact of single use masks 

By Aoife McDowell / September 3, 2020

When lockdowns were first imposed around the world one of the potential upsides was that there would be reduced use of transport and other everyday activities that are harmful to the environment. Many believed this would reduce waste that was causing pollution levels to rise. However, fast forward a few months and the coronavirus pandemic […]


What will education in Ireland look like post lock-down?

By Aoife McDowell / August 26, 2020

For many pupils across Ireland, this week marked their first day back at school since March. After months of online classes and working at home, pupils have finally been giving the all-clear to go back to school. However, pupils are going back to a very different kind of educational experience. With new regulations and guidelines […]


Is fast fashion finished?

By Aoife McDowell / August 18, 2020

The idea of sustainable fashion has become increasingly popular over the last number of years. The rise of second-hand clothing sites has coincided with fast fashion brands facing increasing scrutiny on social media platforms. With the ever-increasing pressure on society to become more environmentally friendly, is fast fashion finished?  Younger people seem to be the […]


The Freshers of 2020

By Aoife McDowell / July 29, 2020

Starting university is usually one of the most exciting times in a person’s life.  Freshers week, which is usually made up of various outings and activities is a great way to get a feel for university, meet new people and make friends on the same course. However, with the Coronavirus still causing major disruption to […]


Environmental inequalities in Ireland

By Aoife McDowell / July 23, 2020

Over the past number of decades environmental issues such as air pollution have gained significant attention by leaders and activists. However, within this global trend of increased air pollution in our European cities comes another issue: the impact this pollution is disproportionately having on the most disadvantaged members of society. This is a trend that […]