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Vaccine inequality: The problem with the rollout

By Aoife McDowell / February 25, 2021

When news that coronavirus vaccines had been approved and would begin to be rolled out came at the start of this year, it was an encouraging sign that life could return to normal soon. The vaccine programme has taken off; however, it has also highlighted the massive global inequalities between wealthy countries and their less […]


What does the fall of the high street mean for sustainable fashion?

By Aoife McDowell / February 10, 2021

On Monday, it was announced that the online fashion giant, Boohoo, would be buying over Dorothy Perkins. Since the beginning of the year, a large portion of shops under the Arcadia group have been bought by different online fashion brands, leading to a large decrease in high street shops. These online fast fashion brands have […]


Has coronavirus changed activism forever?

By Aoife McDowell / February 5, 2021

This week, Reddit users caused chaos when they bought up stocks in Gamestop and caused Wall street traders to lose billions. Throughout the last year, there has been a rise in collective activism online, as traditional ways to protest have become unsafe as a result of the coronavirus. As many of these protests have been […]


Is a united Ireland closer than we think?

By Aoife McDowell / January 28, 2021

On Sunday, a poll by The Sunday Times found that the majority of people living in the North of Ireland want a border poll within the next five years. Senior politicians in both Britain and Ireland have also spoken more frequently about the likelihood of a united Ireland recently as the union seems to be […]


Biden’s first week in office: What to expect

By Aoife McDowell / January 20, 2021

Joe Biden is set to be sworn in later today as the 46th president of the United States. The events leading up to this historic moment have been some of the most controversial and dramatic in living memory. Tensions were heightened even more two weeks ago when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in protest of […]


Exciting album releases to look out for in 2021

By Aoife McDowell / January 13, 2021

After the coronavirus pandemic halted new music releases last year, this year is set to see a massive range of newly released music from some of the world’s top artists. In this article we have picked some of the most exciting album releases to look out for in 2021! Zayn Nobody is Listening Release Date: […]


Alternative ways to exercise in 2021

By Aoife McDowell / January 6, 2021

After the tidal wave of food and drink consumed at Christmas, the new year is usually a time for many to commit to healthier lifestyle choices. This year, however, it is harder than normal to commit to these resolutions as most facilities are closed or reduced due to coronavirus restrictions. So, what are some alternative […]


Positive things to come out of 2020

By Aoife McDowell / December 23, 2020

2020 will be a year nobody will forget. The past twelve months have been hard. Living through a global pandemic and numerous lockdowns has taken its toll on a lot of people. As the year draws to a close, despite all the doom and gloom, we should also remember there were at least some positive […]


Are student nurses being exploited?

By Aoife McDowell / December 10, 2020

Anger and frustration has been growing over the last week after the Dàil voted against increasing pay for student nurses during the coronavirus pandemic. The motion to increase student nurse’s wages to €14 an hour was lost by 77 votes to 72 last Wednesday. This has left many students working long hours on the frontline […]


The rise of the anti-mask movement throughout Europe

By Aoife McDowell / December 4, 2020

In recent months, many large cities across Europe have seen a spike in anti-mask protests and activism. Madrid, London, Berlin, Paris, Rotterdam and even Dublin have seen anti-mask protests, with large numbers of people showing up to protest against general covid restrictions. The movement is gaining more support every day. However, with infection cases and […]

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