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Emma Grove

Emma is a Californian-native, a food lover, and a Journalist for Babylon Radio. With a MA(Hons) from the University of Glasgow, Emma is interested in everything musical and cultural going on in Ireland!


Obtaining a medical card in Ireland: a rundown

By Emma Grove / January 31, 2020

Are you interested in getting a medical card in Ireland? These cards can help reduce the cost of your healthcare services while you are living in Ireland. Want to know more about medical cards or see if you qualify? Read below for more information! Health system in Ireland: all the information you need Emergency health […]


Top 5 events for 30 January 2020

By Emma Grove / January 30, 2020

The weekend is fast approaching, but why wait till Friday for a good time? From tasty vegan fare to comedy that will have you doubled over in mirth, Babylon Radio’s top 5 events in Dublin tonight are sure to make this a thunderous Thursday! Check them out below! Vegan Foodie Festival  You love food. You […]


7 traditional Irish bread recipes for all occasions

By Emma Grove / January 28, 2020

From fluffy and light to dense and grainy, these 7 Irish bread recipes span the spectrum of bread based possibilities. Whether you like it toasted or untoasted, with coffee or tea, these Irish bread recipes are sure to be the star of the show for your next morning meal! Picture this: Ireland before potatoes. I […]


9 Irish dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth

By Emma Grove / January 24, 2020

Sure there’s potatoes, and potatoes, and … potatoes, but there’s a whole lot more to Irish cooking that meets the eye! This includes some scrumptious sweet treats that are bound to keep you cozy and content this frosty winter! Whether you serve them on their own or with a cuppa, these 9 Irish dessert recipes […]


International students in Ireland: An application guide

By Emma Grove / January 23, 2020

Are you thinking of becoming an international student in Ireland? With over 100 countries represented across Ireland’s universities and technical institutions, studying at an Irish institution as an International Student has never been more possible! The rate of International students in Ireland has skyrocketed in recent years with students hailing from over 100 countries at […]


A journey through the past: a guide to the ancient sites in Ireland

By Emma Grove / January 21, 2020

Transport yourself back to Ireland’s mystical history by discovering some of the ancient sites in Ireland.  The misty grey skies of this stoic island carry a whisper on the wind of ages past. Druidic tradition and bardic tales contained within the annals of Irish history lay the legend of the ancient sites in Ireland. Many […]


A taste of home: The best Asian markets in Dublin

By Emma Grove / January 16, 2020

 Chinese New Year is upon us and what better way to celebrate than authentic Chinese ingredients from some of Dublin’s best asian markets! Chinese New Year is in a few short weeks and what better way to prepare than checking out some of the Best Asian markets in Dublin. Fresh fish, spring rolls, rice balls, […]


Lunchtime, munch-time! Best delis in Dublin!

By Emma Grove / January 16, 2020

Trade in your meal deal in for a scrumptious sandwich courtesy of the best delis in Dublin! Sandwiches are the life and soul of the Irish mid-day meal. That’s why every Spar and Centra have a deli counter, waiting – nay – preying on hungry souls like you and I who are just looking for […]


Coffee addicts anonymous: Independent cafes in Dublin

By Emma Grove / January 14, 2020

Let 2020 be the year of supporting local green businesses by taking a peek at our list of some of the best independent cafes in Dublin. Independent cafes in Dublin are a dime a dozen. It seems every week there are new artisan roasters and eco-friendly cafes opening up all over the city. However, international […]


Month of music: gigs in Dublin January, 2020

By Emma Grove / January 8, 2020

Looking for gigs in Dublin this January? It’s 2020 and there are tonnes of acts coming to town this month! Start your new year right with moving and shaking at some of Dublin’s most anticipated performances. Bonus: every event listed is less than €20. Without further ado, here’s Dublin’s hottest gigs in January 2020! New […]

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