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Emma Grove

Emma is a Californian-native, a food lover, and a Journalist for Babylon Radio. With a MA(Hons) from the University of Glasgow, Emma is interested in everything musical and cultural going on in Ireland!

Mobile phone plans in Ireland compared

Mobile phone plans in Ireland

When comparing mobile phone plans in Ireland, between regional coverage, fair usage, prepay or bill pay, there’s much to consider. Here’s a guide to help! Have you just arrived and are looking for mobile phone plans in Ireland? Or maybe…

Top 12 Clubs in Dublin

Dublin has over 30 different night clubs in the city centre alone. With so many options it can be difficult to decide where to go when you’re wanting a party. Luckily, Babylon Radio’s found our Top 12 Clubs in Dublin…

Hip-Hop Series: Top 4 Rappers in Galway

We’ve taken a short hiatus but the Hip-hop series is back! This time we’re hitting up Galway to check out the small but strong hip-hop scene. Disclaimer: Not all of the artists are from or currently based in Galway, however…