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Emma Grove

Emma is a Californian-native, a food lover, and a Journalist for Babylon Radio. With a MA(Hons) from the University of Glasgow, Emma is interested in everything musical and cultural going on in Ireland!

Top 13 Late Night Bars in Dublin

Late Night Bars in Dublin

We all know how sad the sound of ‘last call’ is, especially when it’s not even midnight. That’s why Babylon Radio has found the top 13 Late Night Bars in Dublin for all you night owls out there!    …

Hip-hop series: Top 4 Rappers in Limerick

Top 4 rappers in Limerick

Limerick has had a well-established hip-hop scene long before the rise of greats like the Rusangano Family reached the ears of the one and only Snoop Dogg and Boombox Collective played Electric Picnic in 2017. Things aren’t slowing down for…

Hip-hop series: Top 4 Rappers in Cork

Top 4 Rappers from Cork

The mid-2000’s were a golden age of rap in Cork. Innovative young producers and musicians were popping up all over the city,  making Cork one of the best rap scenes in Ireland. However, as the recession hit and the infrastructure…

Hip-Hop Series: Top 4 Rappers in Dublin

Lets face it: Ireland isn’t exactly internationally renowned for its rap and hip hop music. However, that’s not to say the foundation wasn’t laid for success. Since the 80’s, Irish rap has blossomed into a diverse, multi-faceted genre. Its vibes…