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Julia Villanueva

Spaniard living in Ireland, passionate about literature, learning languages, and knowing different cultures.


The uncovered history of the Advent calendar

By Julia Villanueva / November 19, 2020

While Christmas is approaching at a very fast speed – shops are already decorated, carols accompany us on for our grocery shopping, and the streets are soon to be embellished with lights – there are many of us who decide to countdown the days with an Advent calendar. Advent is a period of time to […]


Discovering sign languages: why are they different from each other?

By Julia Villanueva / November 11, 2020

Numerous times, I have been asked this question: “Why don’t all deaf people choose to use the same sign language? It would be much easier, they could all communicate!” The most straightforward answer I can think of is another question: “Why don’t all hearing people choose to use the same spoken language? It would be […]


8 peculiar international museums to visit online during lockdown

By Julia Villanueva / November 5, 2020

Online tours for the most famous international museums are quite easy to find, but when it comes to finding more bizarre alternatives, it takes time and effort to catch sight of them. We have compiled a list of curious and unusual museums with online tours, videos, or activities for you to experience at home during […]


Au pair experiences in Ireland: 5 fascinating stories

By Julia Villanueva / October 30, 2020

We hear many stories about au pairs, from them feeling like a member of the family, to going through nightmares with their hosts. Each of them lives a completely unique experience and, even with the bad ones, lessons are learnt. We have interviewed five au pairs, and they all have their own story to tell […]


Multilingual Ireland: the top 10 foreign languages

By Julia Villanueva / October 26, 2020

In Ireland, English and Irish are the official languages, but with the increasing number of migrants, as well as the access to other cultures we have nowadays, it has become very usual to hear languages from all over the planet every day. Whether you are planning on learning a new language and you want someone […]