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    Braille literature: a human right at the price of gold

    By Julia Villanueva / January 13, 2021

    Braille allows blind people to read and write autonomously, but due to its price and poor variety, access to books and literature is highly limited. This makes it very difficult to approach culture and have a decent education, and further restricts their independence, as they need to have someone helping them to do such a […]


    EU plastic ban 2021: eco-alternatives to single-use products

    By Julia Villanueva / January 7, 2021

    In 2019, the European Commission passed a directive regarding the use of plastic within the EU countries. Now, the year has come: from July 2021, single-use plastic products will no longer be available for purchase anywhere – not physically or online – in the EU. Even though this will not come into force until mid-2021, […]


    Virtual tourism: new choices for the new normal

    By Julia Villanueva / December 23, 2020

    With Covid-19 still in the picture, travelling in 2021 continues to look like an impossible deed. These past few months have made us seek alternatives for family and friends’ reunions, work, leisure, exercise, and pretty much any other activity in our lives. But tourism has been one of the most affected industries, as it seemed […]


    Christmas songs and carols around the world

    By Julia Villanueva / December 18, 2020

    Sleighbells, a charming melody, lyrics that talk about hope, happiness, union… Through them, we experience the sound of Christmas. Christmas songs are almost all cut by the same pattern. Yet, we enjoy them every year, as they set the spirit and the environment for the holidays. But, has it ever crossed your mind how Christmas […]


    5 tips to learn or improve a foreign language from home

    By Julia Villanueva / December 12, 2020

    Speaking a new language is not always easy. It is a long process that requires hundreds of hours of work until we can see the results, but accelerating it is not impossible; we can see our skills develop much faster by adding some actions into our daily life. For some, learning a language supposes a […]


    10 amazing spots to experience literary Ireland

    By Julia Villanueva / December 9, 2020

    Ireland brings us an incredible amount of things to experience: from the countryside’s picturesque landscapes to the wonders of its many monuments, and the great number of historical places to visit. That and the country’s literary tradition combined, make it a fantastic place for those who are really into literature. Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, James […]


    The Three Wise Men and other international Christmas traditions

    By Julia Villanueva / December 3, 2020

    The entertainment business always portrays the more widely known part of Christmas, with Santa Claus in the lead. His legend goes back in time hundreds of years, beginning with a monk who shared his wealth in what we know now as Turkey. This evolved to the red and white dressed man who enters your house […]


    The intricate evolution of the English spelling system

    By Julia Villanueva / November 27, 2020

    Have you ever wondered why English has such a complex spelling? You can find words that have the same set of letters together, but when you hear them out loud, they do not sound alike. A great example of this are the words through, though, thorough, and thought; which all have the same letters – […]


    The uncovered history of the Advent calendar

    By Julia Villanueva / November 19, 2020

    While Christmas is approaching at a very fast speed – shops are already decorated, carols accompany us on for our grocery shopping, and the streets are soon to be embellished with lights – there are many of us who decide to countdown the days with an Advent calendar. Advent is a period of time to […]


    Discovering sign languages: why are they different from each other?

    By Julia Villanueva / November 11, 2020

    Numerous times, I have been asked this question: “Why don’t all deaf people choose to use the same sign language? It would be much easier, they could all communicate!” The most straightforward answer I can think of is another question: “Why don’t all hearing people choose to use the same spoken language? It would be […]

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