Marieke Oggel

Marieke Oggel

10 iconic Halloween movies

iconic halloween movies

It’s likely your Halloween plans for 2020 look a little different from years before. However, while we might not be able to head out to celebrate, nothing’s stopping us from curling up on the couch to watch our favourite Halloween…

Why are we afraid to delete social media?

deleting social media

Do you know how long you spend on social media everyday? Android phones feature a “digital wellbeing” setting that allows users to track screen time. As for iPhone users, Apple brightens our every Monday morning by sending a notification to…

5 movies about immigration

five movies immigration 2

Immigration is an important and highly relevant topic of our time, so it’s no wonder that it is a source of inspiration for many filmmakers in their storytelling. Of course, there is no singular immigrant experience. However, through these stories,…