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Why Mental Health and Substance Abuse are So Common in the Hospitality Industry

By Mark Comerford / November 6, 2020

The Unseen Perils of the Hospitality Industry Several studies have found that those who work in the hospitality industry have the highest rate of substance abuse of any profession and are highly susceptible to mental-health issues, predominantly depression and anxiety. This leads to a particularly destructive and vicious circle, in that substance abuse leads to […]


Breastfeeding: Why More Needs to be Done in Ireland to Help New Mothers

By Mark Comerford / November 4, 2020

The HSE (Health Service Executive) recently released The Irish Maternity Indicator System 2019 with some very worrying statistics. The report shows that only two out of three Irish mothers initiated breastfeeding – the lowest rate in the world. To further compound the problem, just 37% continued to breastfeed upon discharge from maternity hospital and only […]


5 Reasons Ireland’s School Meals Programme Must Improve & Expand

By Mark Comerford / October 27, 2020

Ireland’s School Meals Programme Ireland’s School Meals Programme has come a long way over the past 20 years, but it falls far short of world leaders such as Japan, France and Finland. Ireland, on occasion, has been a trendsetter (first country in the world to ban smoking in workplaces; first country to legalise same sex […]


Top 3 Places in Ireland to Experience Authentic Japanese Cuisine

By Mark Comerford / October 23, 2020

Authentic Japanese cuisine is an elusive thing in Ireland – but well worth the effort. In the era of COVID, it may seem untimely or even crude to recommend a list of places to enjoy an amazing dining experience, but the restrictions can’t last forever… right? And when it comes to amazing dining experiences, the […]


COVID 19 Lockdown – The Pain of Outgrowing Friends

By Mark Comerford / October 21, 2020

COVID 19 Lockdown: When the first COVID 19 lockdown started, the WhatsApp group chat became a small community; a primary means of communicating with friends who were separated by mere kilometres but simultaneously worlds apart.  What began as a platform to share survival stories has now taken an upsetting turn. Initially, we were swapping football […]


Man-made famine: the horrific weapon killing 12 million children in Yemen

By Mark Comerford / October 19, 2020

Man-Made Famine Endless death engulfs Yemen. The country is being choked by the most catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the world. With a population of 29 million people, anywhere from 20 to 24 million are on the brink of famine, suffering from food insecurity, severe malnutrition and little or no access to clean water or sanitation. […]

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