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The A to Z of Life in Ireland

By Mark Comerford / January 14, 2021

Life in Ireland is complex. We are a unique people, with unique traditions, characteristics, culture and foibles. In this list, I explore the critical aspects of life in Ireland that everyone should know, whether they’re just thinking about moving here or have even recently arrived. This is the A to Z of life in Ireland. […]


Food trends in 2021: from bee pollen to lab-grown meat

By Mark Comerford / January 12, 2021

Food trends are always an interesting topic of discussion every January. Much like fashion, TV, movies and music, everyone wants to know what’s going to be in vogue for the coming year. We all want to be ahead of the game – no matter what game it is we play. We all want that inside […]


Sport in Ireland gets a new hero: Alexandre Beretta-O’Reilly

By Mark Comerford / January 8, 2021

Alexandre Beretta-O’Reilly (26) was born in France to a French mother and a half French, half Irish father. His father secured Irish Nationality for Alexandre and his brothers, to ensure a long lasting feeling of Irishness and a constant connection with his Irish blood. Alexandre’s routes are in County Cavan – his paternal grandmother’s home […]


Why we all need to eat less meat: the shocking truth

By Mark Comerford / December 30, 2020

Overconsumption of meat has the greatest negative impact on environmental and human health. Diets need to change. In order to eat within our planetary boundaries (i.e. feeding ourselves without damaging the planet), we should consume a maximum of 100g of red meat, 200g of poultry and 200g of fish per week. However, high-income countries are […]


25 greatest Motörhead songs of all time – Ranked (RIP Lemmy)

By Mark Comerford / December 28, 2020

Lemmy “Lemmy is dead.” read the text. Five Years ago, I was sitting in a cold front room, deep in the south Japanese countryside when I got this text from my brother. With my seven-month old son playing on the floor in front of me, the snow glistening in the sunshine outside, and still trying […]


6 simple and delicious recipes to reduce food waste this Christmas

By Mark Comerford / December 23, 2020

Simple recipes to use up leftovers are all over the internet, but they’re often pretentious, overly-complicated, and require three months in a culinary school to pull off. Not this list. Let’s face it, if you were going to go to the effort of crafting a wellington or attempting a soufflé, you’d set out with a […]


12 Modern Classics and the Epic Songs they Sampled

By Mark Comerford / December 16, 2020

Since the mid 1980s, pop, hip-hop and dance music has been filled with songs sampling both famous and little-known tracks from the past. If you have listened to the radio at any point in the last thirty or forty years, chances are you’ve heard at least some form of sampling. Sampling has become so commonplace […]


Predictable Draw for the 2023 Rugby World Cup

By Mark Comerford / December 14, 2020

The draw for the France 2023 Rugby World Cup took place this afternoon and offered up some mouthwatering yet inevitable fixtures. As with everything in 2020, COVID played its part, even here. As I logged on to the live YouTube feed of the draw, I was not met by a pristine studio in Sydney or […]

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