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Slow Covid Vaccine Distribution Adds to 2021 Olympic Obstacles

By Meladi Brewer / January 26, 2021

Slow Covid vaccine distribution adds to 2021 Olympic obstacles by raising concerns for Japanese citizens and fans. In terms of vaccination distribution, Japan has been lagging behind. Plans of postponement for the Olympics were announced in March of last year at the beginning of the outbreak. The Japanese government denies cancelation rumors and plans on […]


Top Global Consumer Trends of 2021

By Meladi Brewer / January 25, 2021

The top global consumer trends of 2021 became the products of a pandemic. When the coronavirus hit in 2020, a global crisis accrued. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing quickly became the norm. Businesses were forced to change tactics, and the habits consumers have picked up during 2020 are going to be here to stay. People […]


Tune into Yourself: Musical Benefits for Healthy Living

By Meladi Brewer / January 23, 2021

By tuning into yourself and understanding musical benefits, a healthy living and lifestyle can be achieved. Music psychology helps one understand musical behavior and experiences through how music is perceived, responded to and incorporated into everyday life. Research shows listening to certain types of music can increase one’s health by relaxing the mind, reducing stress, […]


5 Top Endometriosis Myths and Misinterpretations

By Meladi Brewer / January 18, 2021

  The 5 top endometriosis myths and misinterpretations stem from a lack of awareness. Affecting 176 million women worldwide, endometriosis is at the top of the list for common illnesses; however, it is the most unknown of its kind. A majority of the women diagnosed with endometriosis are unaware of its existence until they are […]


Modern Music Preserves Cultural Heritage for Future Generations

By Meladi Brewer / January 15, 2021

Cultural heritage implies a shared bond and belonging to a community. It represents our history and our identity; our bond to the past, to our present, and the future. Unlike heritage representing the passing down of money or property, cultural heritage is the idea of passing down culture, values, and traditions. Lyrics tie into the […]

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