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Organic food: Boosted by Coronavirus

By Pauline Stahl / May 20, 2021

Working from home, closed gyms, a lot of free time – the pandemic has a big impact on our everyday life. That not only leads to a demand for home workout videos, but also results in a significant increase in sales of organic food. It takes forever to get into the supermarket, let alone to […]


Returning home after one year: The moment of relief

By Pauline Stahl / May 17, 2021

One year of video calls, one year of not seeing family and friends in my home country. After waiting for months the German government has now decided to lift it’s travel restrictions. For me that was the moment I realized: I’m finally able to return home.  When I returned to Dublin in June last year, […]


Embracing the Cold: Sea swimming in Dublin

By Pauline Stahl / May 12, 2021

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, it is freezing cold, or raining – at Dublin’s swimming spots, there are always people taking a bath. Many of them have been doing this every day, since they were kids. Not only to boost the immune system, but also to calm down and cope with stress. […]


Covid Dreams: Why we dream more vividly during the pandemic

By Pauline Stahl / May 10, 2021

Open your eyes in a sweat, take a deep breath, realise with relief: it’s all just a dream. Since the Covid pandemic started, more and more people are experiencing vivid dreams, often nightmares. A study confirms that corona influences our night’s sleep. “Last night I dreamt I worked in a fishplant on the packing line. […]


Being vegetarian: Why can’t you just stop eating meat?

By Pauline Stahl / May 7, 2021

More and more people are being or becoming vegetarian nowadays. Some because they want to lose weight, others because they feel sorry for the animals or for environmental reasons. However, there is the risk of missing nutrients when not eating meat. But that doesn’t mean that vegetarians can’t get them somewhere else. “What needs to […]


Protecting animals: Ireland’s first wildlife hospital

By Pauline Stahl / May 6, 2021

Since the pandemic, working from home and lacking social contact, more and more people have discovered nature for themselves. With that also comes an increasing awareness of animals living on land and in the sea – especially when they’re injured. In Ireland’s first wildlife hospital, staff and volunteers are busier than ever. Where people once […]


Increasing HIV infections and the lack of sex education

By Pauline Stahl / May 5, 2021

Whereas infection rates of HIV are decreasing in most European countries nowadays, they are still on the rise in Ireland. Reasons for that are diverse but one in particular is outstanding: Ireland’s inability to talk about sex. Conor O’Brien* always knew he could get HIV. He knew how the virus is transmitted; and that as […]


COVID-19: HSE offers free walk-in testing

By Pauline Stahl / April 28, 2021

To detect more COVID-19 cases, the HSE set up so-called walk-in test centers at the end of March to offer free Corona testing. The figures prove that even people without any symptoms can have the virus. Wearing white overalls, the mask covering two third of his face, the tall man in one of Dublin’s Covid […]


Post-Brexit: riots in Belfast and Derry

By Pauline Stahl / April 9, 2021

The Northern Ireland Protocol was not only intended to regulate traffic and trade between Great Britain and Ireland post-Brexit. It was also supposed to prevent old conflicts on the island from flaring up again. Current unrest in Northern Ireland shows that this is precisely what has happened. Throughout last week, nationalist and loyalist youths clashed […]


Open For Takeaway: 8 Vegetarian Restaurants in Dublin

By Pauline Stahl / April 7, 2021

Irish stew, fish and chips, black and white pudding – the Irish cuisine does not offer a great range of vegetarian and vegan meals. While vegetarians mostly have to resort to side dishes in traditional establishments, there are by now a lot of options in the following eight vegetarian restaurants in Dublin to get some […]

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