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Post-Brexit: riots in Belfast and Derry

By Pauline Stahl / April 9, 2021

The Northern Ireland Protocol was not only intended to regulate traffic and trade between Great Britain and Ireland post-Brexit. It was also supposed to prevent old conflicts on the island from flaring up again. Current unrest in Northern Ireland shows that this is precisely what has happened. Throughout last week, nationalist and loyalist youths clashed […]


Open For Takeaway: 8 Vegetarian Restaurants in Dublin

By Pauline Stahl / April 7, 2021

Irish stew, fish and chips, black and white pudding – the Irish cuisine does not offer a great range of vegetarian and vegan meals. While vegetarians mostly have to resort to side dishes in traditional establishments, there are by now a lot of options in the following eight vegetarian restaurants in Dublin to get some […]


Walking the Beara Way: alone but not lonely

By Pauline Stahl / April 2, 2021

Sheep and cow pastures up and down lead the Beara Way through the mountains of Ireland. Known as one of the most unspoiled landscapes in the southwest, Covid-19 makes the Beara Peninsula a deserted place. It becomes clear that solitude is not necessarily a bad thing. With a loud smacking sound, the hiking boots sink […]


Meditation: Training the Mind for Inner Peace and Happiness

By Pauline Stahl / March 29, 2021

Deep breath in through the nose, deep breath out through the mouth. When thinking of meditation, many link it to esoteric or religious practices. However, meditation has many origins and can help especially – but not only – in stressful times like pandemics and lockdowns.  More than one year of restrictions and uncertainty. Home-office, no […]


Irish language is back in vogue

By Pauline Stahl / March 23, 2021

It was once the dominant and only language of Ireland. Even today, Irish is taught in schools. After that, it is hardly used anymore, but there is a turnaround.  “It was once the predominant and only language in Ireland,” says Rónán Ó Domhnaill. He is chairman of An Coimisinéir Teanga, an organisation dedicated to protecting […]