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BD Festival

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Next week, head to Wicklow, which is just 45 minutes from Dublin, to visit one of the biggest music festivals in Ireland. What’s more, this year, the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, so that you can expect even more fun…



Let’s be honest, female rock/ pop singers don’t get as much attention as their male counterparts nowadays. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Babylon Radio wants to introduce you to one of the most successful rock bands that have a front…

Russell Memorial Weekend Festival

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Probably when you hear the name Ireland the first what pops into your mind is a green country, ginger people and Guinness. However it is definitely more than that. Ireland has a beautiful history and culture. If you would like…

ADIFF Film Festival

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Dublin is a busy and lively city. Many things are going around and very often you may have missed fantastic events such a film festival. From 16-26 February you have a chance to attend the international film festival ADIFF, which…

The FitzaFrenic Fundit Campaign


In 2016 we spent two months in and out of the studio recording our new album. Taking weeks on and off to busk on Grafton St, selling copies of our first album and working hard to pay for more studio…

Radiohead To Play Dublin Next Year


It has been eight years since Radiohead last performed on Irish soil, but, as the band’s legions of Irish fans know, True Love Waits. The genre-eclipsing rockers have announced new European tour dates, and Dublin is on the bill. Radiohead…