Hip-hop series: Top 4 Rappers in Limerick

Limerick has had a well-established hip-hop scene long before the rise of greats like the Rusangano Family reached the ears of the one and only Snoop Dogg and Boombox Collective played Electric Picnic in 2017. Things aren’t slowing down for the city either, with a whole host of talent rising up from the underground scene. Check out some of the most talented rising stars in Limerick with number three in our Hip-hop Series: Top 4 Rappers in Limerick! 


Top 4 Rappers in Limerick

Denise Chaila

 Denise Chaila made her debut EP start of 2019, offering a fresh perspective on intersectionality and Irish rap. Her debut EP ‘Duel Citizenship’ released at the start of 2019, details her experience as a Zambian-Irish woman in rap. The track ‘Duel Citizenship’ displays melodic, spoken word poetry set to undulating piano. Meanwhile, ‘Copper Bullet gives us tight, rapid-fire verses, and a sickening flow.  Chaila offers a thoughtful socio-cultural narrative and a massive range of musicality making her one of the most exciting artists to appear in this series. 

Recommended Tracks (2) 

Duel Citizenship

Copper Bullet


Top 4 Rappers in Limerick

Hazey Haze

Same D4Ence member Hazey Haze made a name for himself opening for the likes of Ghost Face Killah and Nelly. That’s not to say he can’t turn out a show in his own right. Hazey Haze is known for a ‘frighteningly energetic’ performance, humorous and imagery- laden lyrics with an eclectic mix of backing tracks that get you hooked and hyped. There’s also an ebb and flow of intensity in his tracks that keeps things interesting. Also Cham-paddy is a great word and we all have Hazey to thank for that.

Recommended Tracks

This is my city

Chasing the Dragon (produced by GavinDaVinci)


Top 4 Rappers in Limerick


MXSE (pronounced ‘mace’) made quite the impression earlier this year by taking his ‘tracksuit attitude’ and making it a fashion statement. For the release of his EP ‘Throwing Shade’ MXSE (aka Mason Roche) sported a Garda tracksuit which subsequently went viral. That being said, theres ‘s loads more to this Limerick-based rapper than some dope threads. Steady beats, hard and raw lyrics, and an eminem-esque vibe (shout out ‘Be Wide’) MXSE gives you the synthesis of sub-genres you never knew were possible. In ‘Be Wide’ there’s a darker, gangsta rap flow but there’s a more poignant delivery circa backpack rap of the 90’s and lyrics that coincide more with conscious rap. All in all, his lyrics are at the forefront of his musicality with backing tracks that drive his message home. Check out our favourite tracks below. 

Be Wid


Top 4 Rappers in Limerick

Citrus Fresh

A man of a million monikers (Citrus Fresh, Trevor Tart, Zesty Supreme, etc.) Citrus Fresh delivers on a wave of Irish cloud-rap spotlighting some seriously deep subject matter. After appearing in part 4 of the series ‘Somewhere in Ireland’, Citrus has released a 5 part concept EP ‘Early Days/Late Nights’ highlighting probably one of the most unifying and also isolating human experiences: a failed relationship. We’ve all heard a breakup album or five in our lives but this one sets itself apart. It takes you through the internal turmoil – that sense drifting, emotional lost-ness that comes along with heart-break. Citrus Fresh offers something incredibly rare to the listener: an inherently emotive experience allowing you a glimpse inside the mind of the artist. Check out his tracks below. 


Recommended Tracks 


Naive (Whore)


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