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Rather Gather Festival


What would you Rather Do? Rather than hanging out with artists and art aficionados in a field? Rather Gather is a festival run by volunteers of various ethnicities. Their aim is to send art supplies and instruments to refugees who…

Rolling Stones confirm new album

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The Rolling Stones have confirmed they’re working on a new, blues-inspired album for release this year. “We’re actually in the studio in the moment cutting new stuff,” Keith Richards told BBC 6 Music.   Guitarist Ronnie Wood added that the…

Music: The All-time Selling Albums

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Top 30 (sold albums + streaming stats): 1. (No 21 in the all-time bestsellers list) Adele – 21 (806,023,008 streams) 2. (No 28) Metallica – Metallica (229,955,391) 3. (No 29) Nirvana – Nevermind (121,970,542) 4. (No 23) Bruce Springsteen –…

The ‘fifth Beatle’ died

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He was not as famous as the members of the band but his influence on what The Beatles did, is undeniable. He had produced more than 700 records of their music. Sir George Martin dies aged 90. “I have so…

All you need is John Lennon

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“The Beatles”. Two words that changed the world. Maybe the Internet and drones wouldn’t have been invented without Paul McCartney’s band. Maybe your life would be different. But without a doubt, nobody back then would be interested in buying a…