Cork International Film Festival 2020: all you need to know

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This year marks the 65th annual Cork International Film Festival (Féile Scannán Chorcaí). This event has been held annually (every November) in Cork City since 1956. It is considered one of the oldest and largest festivals in the country, promoting big-budget films, independent, international cinema, documentaries and short films asswell, which makes it inclusive and a cultural promoter. On their website, they describe their contribution to Irish culture as:

Connecting audiences and artists through a curated selection of great films, and a unique shared cultural experience in Cork. Our vision is for a film festival of international quality and standing, rightly positioned and valued at the forefront of Ireland’s film culture, by curating and presenting a programme of exceptional quality, that delivers a depth of engagement for audiences and artists. 

In order to participate, the works have to meet specific requirements. First of all, they must comply with the values of the competition, which are: new voices and daring projects that push the boundaries of film. The conditions that the works must follow related to the format are:

  • The Festival welcomes all forms of film production, however, promotional films are not eligible.
  • Films that are available to purchase are NOT eligible.
  • All short films selected for competition will be Cork City premieres. All feature films in competition will be, at minimum, Irish premieres.
  • Films that have previously been publicly screened, broadcast or otherwise made publicly available (including online) in Ireland will not be considered. 
  • The only screening format eligible for inclusion is Digital Cinema Package (DCP)
  • Films should be presented in their original versions with English language subtitles or commentary where necessary
  • Short films must have been completed after 1st July 2019 and be 31 minutes or greater in duration. 

The festival is held in November but final contestants are notified in September. 

The nominees are divided into different categories, which include:

  • Feature films
  • Feature films documentary
  • Short films
  • Documentary
  • International
  • International – documentary
  • Irish
  • Irish – documentary
  • Cork
  • Cork – documentary

You can check the schedule to organize your schedule and not miss any films.

This year, due to the coronavirus, the festival is held online, so an mobile app has been developed. It makes it easier to follow the movies and be informed every second. This application includes the CIFF2020 Program, the option to reserve and manage tickets and passes and plan your festival experience. 

The prices of the tickets and passes are:

  • Digital Screenings (unless otherwise stated) €7.50
  • 10 Film Digital Pass €60
  • All Access Digital Pass €99
  • Schools Screenings
    Up to 50 students €150
    Over 50 students €250
    Up to 50 students €100
    Over 50 students €200
  • Festival Friend €165
    (Includes Opening Gala, Concession tickets to other Galas, 10 standard screenings and all digital screenings)
  • Double Festival Friend €290
  • Debut Corporate Membership €500
  • Classic Corporate Membership €1,000
  • Premiere Corporate Membership €2,500Contact

Here you can watch some trailers of movies and shorts that are presented in this edition of CIFF2020:

The armor of light






The Racer






Although this year is going to be different, due to the situation we have ecountered because of Covid-19, we must continue promoting culture and supporting local artists. The Cork International Film Festival is a great platform that serves to give a voice to those artists, small and large, who are carrying out theur valuable ideas. For this reason, we encourage you to buy tickets and have a good time enjoying the talent of the winners. 

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Judit Sadurni

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