Country with a lack of luckiness

Being a politician isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s just impossible to make everybody happy. But you can’t dwell on the fact as you can’t make everyone happy. That’s why they created the post of “minister for happiness” in United Arab Emirates.


We are used to the ministers promising us everything from the golden bridges to  the prices cut by one hundred per cent. And it is normal that after elections everything remains the same. You only get older. Happily, it is going to be different in UAE. Well maybe.


“A new post, Minister of State for Happiness, will align and drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction” – writed on Twitter UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed (I don’t have enough space in this article to write his full name). He only forgot to say exactly “happiness creator” will be doing. His work will probably be about coordinating the tasks of the different departments. Everything from creating a united social politic for a large group of a people whose standards of living is much worse than this privileged on by the liberal system.


This is not a first time the UAE PM is creating such as strange post. Last week he announced that the government is looking for a young person under 25 to work as a minister to oversee youth issues. As the international problems of youths are usually connected with alcohol and illegal drugs, UAE is going to explode in next few years.


I think that the UAE PM should also do something for the people who don’t want to be happy. The “department of sadness” should be created in the worst part of the country and promise the citizens to cut salaries, rise prices, and destroy roads. This ministry should hire only prisoners and have the law to force people to walk on hands.


Fortunately, that’s only my fantasy. Similar to all “Ministers for Happiness” and different “golden bridges”.


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