El Dublinorado

We don’t live in the world of our dreams. There are big differences in the standard of living across the continents. But happily for “Guinness” and the Irish people, Dublin belongs to the group of the best cities to live in the world. That’s what many rankings say. In some of them it is even above London. So if you are from the English capital and want to catch Dublin’s pace, finish your tea and go back to work.

How do you measure the standard of living in different places ? It is not easy and each ranking has its own indicators. But some of them are similar. They are connected to the basic, most important parts of our lives: a crime rate, level of health care, taxes, salaries, air quality, prices or life expectancy.

Vienna, the city where famous composers were creating music. This is a place where most of the people should want to live. Best quality of life, amazing architecture, deep history at every step. The next are Zurich, Auckland, Munich, Vancouver and Dusseldorf. Dublin is always about 30th place. Quite good.

Especially that it gives us information about everything which is about living in a specific city. Why is it important ? Because sometimes people compare cities only with stats of salaries. They are highest in the USA but twenty five per cent of the world prisoners are from this country. Also the highest level of murders in Western Civilisation is in the USA. This is the reason why it is better to live in Dublin than in some richer cities.

What about different continents ? Asia is uneven mostly. There are places like Singapore, Tokyo or Shanghai and on the other hand – Bagdad, Kaboul, Dushanbe.

Africa and Southern America have similar problems. There are also modern cities there, but they are usually overcrowded because of people who are escaping from the worst regions.

If you are still unconvinced that it is worthy to move to Dublin, remember one rule. During bad days there, you can always drink a couple of Guinness, look at the River Liffey and forget about the cold weather.


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