Gallery X

Gallery X is a small venue, which specializes in surrealism art. When you go there you will most certainly not see beautiful paintings, instead, fantasy art will mingle with macabre bodies and the grotesque. Everything is emphasized by a kind of bizarre beauty.

In the past, there were three interesting exhibitions. The first one, entitled “Darker room” depicted a mix of photography, digital and film. Most of the photographs show the dark, moody and mysterious imagination of artists as well as their focus on describing shadows and the dark side of life.

The “Red&Black” exhibition was about sex and death. Strong emotions were portrayed in a soft and vivid way.

The “El Corazón y la Muerte” depicted art as a part of our emotions and something that enriches our souls, touches our hearts and slightly reminds us that life is ethereal.

Currently, the gallery is preparing three new exhibitions. Continue to The darker room to see gothic and mysterious photography, Still lives will be about rogue taxidermy and Serial Kill. It will make you wonder what defines a human? Photographies are taken by Conall McCabe.

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