“Get out” depicts liberal racism in the USA.

The movie Get out directed by Jordan Peele is an absurd horror movie, which – in a disturbing way – depicts liberal racism in America.

The plot is set in a wealthy residence. The main character, Chris, is a young African-American man, who goes with his American girlfriend Rose to meet her parents. It is supposed to be a lovely weekend, however, at the beginning, the viewers are able to notice Chris’s struggles with non-acceptance because of his skin color. Rose’s parents create a tense atmosphere because they find it difficult to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship. However, he will discover that facing her parents’ reluctance is a piece of cake compared to the creepy and terrifying events, which are going to happen.


The idea of the movie is definitely innovative. We can notice influences of classic horror movies such as Rosemary’s baby by Roman Polański or the thriller The Stepford Wives by Frank Oz. The director shows what it is like to not feel welcome in the society you live in. The topics he deals with in Get out bring attention to racism, interracial relationships, the slave trade and police inhumanity. He is also one of the few African-American man to play the main character in a horror movie.

What is more, Jordan Peele also emphasizes the hypocrisy of American society. People who will probably vote for Barack Obama for the third time, donate money to charity and consider themselves as open-minded and liberal, can make life difficult for the African-American community. He depicts that intolerance is rooted in our minds. Discrimination and micro-aggression towards the main character, who represents the African-American community, can be observed throughout the entire movie. All these issues and problems are depicted in the horror movie, which makes Get out is even more interesting and attractive for the audience. Threatening, disturbing pictures alternate with prejudices against African- Americans.


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