Hawaii filed a suit against Trump’s travel order

Hawaii is the first US state which sued over Trump’s travel ban order. The new ban caused many protests on the airports.

The new bill bans Muslims from six nations for 90-days and all refugees for 120 days. It will be enacted on 16th of March.

A Hawaiian attorney confirmed that the bill is practically the same version as the first one, which was blocked by federal court. He added “Nothing of substance has changed: There is the same blanket ban on entry from Muslim-majority countries (minus one)”.

The countries which are included in the ban order are Libya, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and  Sudan. Iraq was taken down from the list. The country was included in the first version of the ban.

According to Judges, the bill is unconstitutional and discriminates the Muslim population.

Hawaii, among others, put the Trump’s ban on trial, claiming that the bill will harm schools, business, residents and reuniting families.

Four days ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a statement, in which he said that around 300 refugees  are now “under investigation for potential terror offences”.

However, Trump’s government was criticized by the court for failure to provide evidence that any foreigners from countries, which are included in  the ban order, had taken part in terrorist attacks in the USA.


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