Interview with Antonio Román

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, My name is Antonio Roman I live in Dublin. This is my second time in this country. The first time I came to Dublin it was supposed to be for three months, however I stayed for three years. Now it’s my second time and I’ve been here for seven and a half years. I’ d been working as a nurse at the same time I started organizing international events for students and actually I do that now. I organize events with latin music. That’s my whole life here I’m happy, just the weather it’s a bit too cold for me (laugh)

When did you become interested in music? What does music mean for you ?

Antonio : In  Spain I was working as teacher of salsa dancing as a hobby. In many places also I had been setting up zumba classes as well. One day,  one of the nightclubs, where I was working, offered me to be part of the business. We were in the nightlife business, but at that time I wasn’t a dj or anything.  When I decided to move to Ireland I started to introduce myself into the business of the DJ.

Was it a snap decision?

Antonio: Well it wasn’ be honest I just was walking with my friend during the night on Dame street in Temple Bar area. I saw on Saturday night completely empty bar. I thought then “Och my God what happened here, it’s Saturday night”. I missed latin music so I decided to talk to the manager about organizing an event there. So I just started there, in a short time everything was done

That’s amazing .What does music mean to you ?

Antonio : music is a happiness of people. When I play  music, see people really enjoying it, especially the foreigners. It’s funny because many many people love latin music. Latin, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian, people from India, because. Everybody enjoys this kind of music.

Actually you kind of answered my next question, even though I’m gonna ask you. When did you decide to become a professional DJ?

Antonio : Honestly I feel like professional promoter. I’m a DJ because I know the music people like. I’ve been a DJ for six years, but I feel more like a promoter, that’s why I’m very popular and everybody knows me. Twice a TV channel came to interview me, it’s a spanish television channel. The program was like 4 years ago. After I showed up in the programme people come to me almost every weekend, saying “ Oh the guy from the TV, can I take a picture”. That’s the reason why I feel more like a promoter.

Could you tell me what inspires you ? Are you looking for some inspiration, when you create events?

Antonio :My inspiration is always the same. I want to see people happy and I want to see people dancing. Other DJs are different. There are many many of them..latin music it’s easy to dance in couple. Many people (want me to dance with them, so I have to play a song and then dance with whoever and run back to put another song. It makes me happy to see people enjoying themselves.

What role do you think music has in society?

Antonio : The people always want to be around you and always have a special feeling. You have a different musicians and different bands or people only want to be popular and want to or musicians like to be close to the customers. I like to be close to customers and have any feedback from them and be another person at the party.

How did you come up with idea of organizing carnivals in Dublin?

Antonio : The carnival? That’s a funny story.  I met a guy, he had the same idea in his mind as me……Actually there are many Spanish here in Dublin around  6 thousand.

I’m very very spanish, I love my culture. So I met this guy and we had the same idea. Now it’s the third year we organize together the main event from Spain like the Spanish Carnival. We do as well April feria it’s a typical flamenco party, with sangria, spanish food many things like that.

During the Spanish carnival, there is a different kind of Spanish food, Spanish beer, sangria. There will be magician show. As well as Batucada performance. Batucada is a show, where men play on the drums. Also there are girls dressed up in traditional Brazilian carnival dresses. The carnival is divided into themes. One area is with karaoke, another is with popular Latin music and the last one is with a video DJ show, which I do by myself. It means that each song you hear is gonna be mixed with original video on the screen. Then there will be a costume competition like fancy dress competition. We provide diverse entertainment to our customers.

Do you think Latin music is international music and connects people from around the world? Regardless the nationality ?

Antonio: Well I think everybody loves Latin music, like Shakira, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias. There are many singers who you’re gonna recognize at the party.

Have you ever considered to have different job than being a DJ? I know you already told me that you had a different job, but would like to keep your previous job?

Antonio : To be honest  I had been working  as a nurse all day for eighteen years. I decided to try being a DJ and organize events because I think it’s very creative. For example I learnt to do graphic design, just by watching youtube tutorials. Some professional told me “ wow you can do that. Where did you study? “ and I respond to them “oh I just learnt by myself”.

Also for example I organize now a student pub crawl, so I’m gonna launch it in one month. All the time I need to do different things, to not get bored. Then it’s because I feel happy when owners or main manager ask me ” Antonio what are we gonna do for any day? So it’s something new always. For example I work in the Mercantile I think the biggest area is the international for St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish say that the best atmosphere is where I play the music. Also we organize Latin New year Eve and we fill up everything. Always I have to do something new.

So you’re very creative person, you have express your creativity. What do you try to communicate through your music and events?

Antonio : Well for example I have a programme on Babylon Radio, so I started on Tuesday, I was very nervous. I think I need more practise, but around 70 people texted me on the facebook that they like the programme, gave me congratulations and said they are looking to another programme. So being popular is good, so otherwise..the radio is a good thing, dancing with people, which I  love. That’s my focus. The pub crawl it’s very nice.

I don’t know, maybe tomorrow I’m gonna tell you another answer, because everyday is a new day.

Every day it’s a day to discover a new things Thank you very much

Antonio Thank you


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