James Joyce Centre

James Joyce is one of the most popular Irish poets. He was a novelist and writer of short stories.  He was born in 1882 and died in 1941. He represents modernists avant-garde artists and had a huge impact on 20th century novelists. His most popular novel is called Ulysses, which was inspired by Homer’s poem Odyssey. The plot takes place in early 20th century Dublin, and describes the context of modernism and the relationship between Ireland and England. Another well – known novel entitled Dubliners tells the short story of Irish middle class life.

Certainly, Joyce is one of the most important figures in the Irish modern era, that’s why, when you coming to Dublin, you should visit the James Joyce Centre.

Currently, there is an exhibition called A portrait of the artist as a young man. Frank Kiely, who is the artist of the exhibition, depicts in modern way a scene from Joyce’s novel, focusing on themes such as childhood, religion, education, and nationalism.

The centre provides lectures, workshops and courses in order to introduce the significant work of Joyce. Today at 6.30 a lecture about Urchins and Orphans in Joyce gives by John McCourt takes place in the Joyce Center. The lecture is free, but booking is required. Whereas, in May there will be a talk about Altman and Saltman Leopold Bloom and James Joyce by Vincent Altman O’Connor. Admission is free, as well. To learn more about lectures and courses you can the check website of the Joyce Centre.

Naturally, the Centre holds permanent exhibitions about Joyce’s work, such as James Joyce and Ulysses which included three movies, interactive exhibit, historical context and controversial event about Joyce. Joyce study focused on his life and work between 1914-1922.  Another one,  entitled Ulysses episode by episode describes Joyce’s biography.

Even though you are not familiar with Joyce’s work, you should visit the Centre, because he is definitely one of the most important irish artists.


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