Let’s go to the theatre: the final chapter

There is no more time! Dress up and go out, the show will start in a couple of hours! Don’t be lazy and spend your lunch time watching an incredible performance.


Did you miss out the Beckett’s play? Was it too late to booked the tickets for the performance at The New Theatre? No problem, don’t worry I’ll propose you a new show! The topic doesn’t come from the classical literature but it is even more interesting…


I’m talking about “Visiting Hours” by Richard Harris, sitting by Holding Court Theatre Group at Ballymun in Main Street.


It is an open window on the “sunset year” of all of us. A comic and heart-warming show that will make you forget your trouble. Watching the highs and lows moment of the olden life you will smile and it will be the perfect prescription to go on the youth worries.


Take a moment to think about how you will  be when are you getting old. What about your weakness? What about your family and friends?


Hurry up! The show is starting today at lunchtime!! It is running from 1:00p.m  to 2:00p.m. The prize of the ticket is around 6 or 10 euros.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for getting old??



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